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  1. Hello, am offered a design job in Istanbul, where am required to do graphic/interior designs for a retail company, I am being offered 1500TL+Accomodation (shared house with other employees at kayasehir)+Transportation fees. I am relatively new (newley graduated from Architecture school and have one year of career experience). so what do you think, any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone,I need to get some estimates on average graphic and architectural design salaries in Istanbul.I work as a full time designer in a retail company where my job includes Interior designs (shops and kiosks) posters, packaging, catalogs,... ETC. My salary is low so I am currently considering leaving my job and working as a freelancer My current salary is :1200 TL net + Accommodation (i share an apartment with 5 other employees but i have my own room) + 250TL for each new kiosk i design (averagely one each month) So what do you think? any advice is appreciated.Thanks
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