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  1. He never said he was a virgin. It was pretty obvious. And it was his mate who kept pushing and pushing him to go for a walk with me. When i returned in October i asked his mate Burak why he made him do this. And he said because he was a virgin and he needed to have sex with a girl to fit in. He was pressured into it. And hes told me that himself. So before you post f**k*ng judgemental posts and try to make me look stupid dont bother!!
  2. This is a long story but ill try to cut it down.. im just very confused. I met this man in june 2015 who was a barman at an didim hotel. He lives is izmir. We hit it off straight away and ive instantly fell for him. We ended up going for "a walk" didn't know what this meant until the afterwards. I don't regret it and learnt after this that he was still a V. Until that night. He classed me as his girlfriend from then on. We had an argument and he said that i will always be in his heart but i don't know what this means. But even to this day i still love him. I went back in sept. But learnt tha
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