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  1. Thank u mr Ibrahim Abi for ur reply,,,but really dear I don,t know about what talking,,, anyway thank you again dear,,,
  2. Thank you dears for your replies,,, just want ask you dears,,,anybody can help me to write message in Turkish language ? Thanks a lot ,,,,,
  3. Thank you dear Redders,,,but it's long way,,otherwise. I can not live there 5 years at least in this moment ,,, anyway thank you dear for your reply....
  4. Last month I was in Istanbul ,,,it was first time visit the beautiful city,,,really very beautiful ,, really deeply I want become a Turkish citizen,,Ian not looking for job or money ( iam Doctor work in Qatar ,born in Qatar so money I have more than enough alhamdulliallah) I want to acquisition of citizenship only to buy a house there and maybe open a business when I retired and I want visit my loved country freely. Anytimeplease, advise and guide me what I have to do? Can I contact for example with the Turkish president or any VIP person can help me.?Thanks...
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