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  1. Hi everyone. I brought my car from the UK into Turkey in July 2016. Unfortunately it had broken down in Italy and following a very expensive repair, it had problems starting but managed to complete the journey. After using it in Turkey for a couple of months, and not being confident that it would make the return journey, I took a flight back to the UK, leaving the car behind. I had intended to return to Turkey later the same year, but for various reasons I wasn't able to come to Turkey for over a year. Having finally returned earlier this month, I have had the car serviced and intending to drive the car back to the UK. The HDI Sigorta insurance I took out when crossing the Turkish border in 2016 expired in Oct '16, so I called the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade to ask for some advice. Having explained my situation to two different persons, neither were able to give me any advice on the legal requirements, only redirecting me to the website. I couldn't find any information to clarify what I need to do. I assume I have to get the car insured again before I take it to the border but gave no idea where to get the insurance from. Does anyone here have any clues on what to do?
  2. Thank you Ken. I shall contact them as soon as I am able to.
  3. Hi everyone/anyone. I am looking for a good English speaking lawyer/avucat in the Dalaman/Dalyan/Ortaca or Koycegiz area. I have a neighbour dispute going on over the land I bought near Ortaca last year. My appointed avucat did not mention any such dispute during the buying process at the time, so I am of course very disappointed about it and need someone professional and trustworthy. I hope that is not too much to ask, because I don't speak turkish apart from a few words and phrases, and I really need some help to sort this problem out.
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