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  1. Can the part time component of the position be fulfilled from other areas within Turkey ?
  2. I'd just like to add to this that since 2012 all Turkish citizens started accruing SGK premium debts. I was surprised to find out that I had a debt of more than 6000 TL - even though I have never lived in Turkey until this year. I had to obtain a document from the Turkish Consulate in Australia to prove my residence and then present it to SGK.
  3. Thank you sharing Chalapip. It truly is amazing how powerful written words can be and the strength they carry in our lives.
  4. Thank you Ken, I'll give it a go
  5. Thank you for your advice Abi Damn these cravings !
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice on where I can find (if available) any ingredients to make Asian meals ? I love Thai food (especially cooking it) but haven't been able to enjoy a Thai meal since March this year Can anyone help me to find some ingredients please ? I live in Antalya but willing to pay to have items posted ! I'm looking for; Soy sauce, Sesame seed oil, Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, even willing to use the packet curry sauce if available It's a craving I just can't seem to subside
  7. It's wonderful to hear that you want to explore your Turkish heritage and think about living in Turkey. Although I am Turkish born, I lived outside of Turkey all of my life. Just like you, I felt an incredible warmth when I visited Turkey and spent time with relatives, this also played an important part in my decision to move here after living abroad for so many years. That warmth changed after staying with relatives for 3 months - I found myself looking to move away as soon as possible. It has been mentioned in other posts that many Turks consider foreigners to be virtual banks, I tend to agr
  8. Thank you for sharing your inspirations Ken. We can draw our paths from many different source of knowledge, I have met people who have inspired me and experienced a variety of situations that have shaped the person I am today. But the 3 books which I continually refer to over the course of my life: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay I related to this book (fictional) due to my migrant background and the difficulties I faced as a child growing up in a different land and trying to find a balance between 2 cultures. The character in the novel helped me to accept the person I am and that life is
  9. Hi, I found myself analyzing my life in general and attributed my current 'chapter' in life to 3 books which have paved new paths for me, gave me inspiration and changed my way of thinking, ultimately bringing me to Turkey. I'd love to know what has influenced/inspired you ?
  10. Hi Kerry, Would love to chat, I'm Turkish but lived in Australia all my life, only been in Antalya for a couple of months now and really miss having a conversation in English. Have a look at another website called Internations, I haven't been to any of their events yet but see that they do host every so often for ex pats. Enjoy this beautiful city !
  11. Hi everyone, I have been reading the many post regarding military service and the options people are in search of to avoid completing their service, I feel I need to share my story. My parents migrated to Australia in 1969, I was only 1 year old, and settled into Sydney. I have spent my whole life in Australia and could only speak limited Turkish, which I learnt through conversation with my parents. After completing High School in 1986 and then college in 1988 I decided, against my parents wishes, to complete my military service - it was 18 months at that time. It was the hardest 18 months o
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