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  1. hmm you got one of those. This has nothing to do with his culture he is simply a child. I don't recommend marrying him. Marriage is built on many things one is trust if there is no trust why be with you,and you're not even married yet you feel the need to lie to him. two clear signs you'll be going through rough times with him.
  2. Honestly that's a very broad and open question with many answers, but what you must understand is that there are many things that come into play to making any marriage. Regardless or his culture. In my case it worked out because both our cultures are similar. Yes I'm American but I have Hispanic heritage. So I understood that once I marry him I also marry the family. Most people don't get this concept, in many ways you do. Marriage is about unifying a family and making it bigger. Marriage is about compromise and hard work, if you are truly committed to spending the rest of your life with this
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