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  1. Thank you again Ken, you're always there to help us Thats what I was thinking about, I already knew that if the company A get me work-permit I can't go and work for my own company or company B, i was just wondering if it does have any effect ( help ) on getting the new work permit for second company ( mine or others ) ? By help I meant like making exception for 5 Turks rules .... if you know any lawyer in Ankara or someone i can ask about work permit matters please PM it to me.
  2. Hey Redders, someone told me he can get me WP under a friends company ( owner is ex-police ) and then if I want I should pay like 1000TL penalty and my work-permit can be transferred under the new business. ( is this true or possible ? ) I wanted to ask them for WP then I register a new company and transfer that working visa under my own company.
  3. Hey there lf someone get me work-permit and after a while I register my own company and transfer my WP under my company name, for doing this do I have to still hire 5 turks ? or since I already got WP that matter can be avoided ?
  4. Hey Ken Thank you for your reply Please PM it to me
  5. Ken what happens if we come to Turkey and we only have 3 months visa lets say we rent a house and we sort everything out but we couldn't get an appointment online ! then what ? whats should we do ?
  6. Same problem for Antaliya from what I read on many websites you can't apply in a city then move to another.
  7. Hello Turkey Central How are you Guys? As my wife exams are almost over i just wanted to double check everything and get things managed for our move in next couple of weeks. We are 5 person planing to move ( me and my wife / my brother and his wife + a 2 years kid / and my friend ) its going to be 5 application. We plan to move and monitor the turkey market and the start a new business for living/earning These are my questions Do they still give RP for 12 months? Do we still have to show 6,000 USD per person? Can I open an account for myself and deposit 6k, get the stat
  8. Hey Aysun thank you so much for your good wishes and Yes Im thinking Antalya gonna be my dream city as well Hope to see you all there BTW any of you knows anything about Bursa ? PS: Looking forward to have you replying my email Good day
  9. Thank you all very much for all the opinions you shared with me. I will keep all your thoughts in mind
  10. Hey all, Im about to move to turkey by 2016. Lets forget about work and job opportunities. What do you think is the best city to live in ? For some reasons I need to live in a city which having access with shopping malls and International Brands like Nike, adidas, H&M, Zara, Mango, ..... Istanbul might be the best city of Turkey but when it comes to cost of living I not so sure. What city do you recommend ? why ?
  11. If there is any Turkish or other nationalities lawyer who speak both English and Turkish and can help me register a company/ getting RP please send me PM or leave your email address.
  12. Thanks again Ken One more question, $500 per month in the bank for each month I want to live is for each person ? ​I mean me and my wife should deposit 6000 USD or 12000 USD ?
  13. Thanks Ken, Since with registering a company I get residence permit, doesn't that automatically give residence permit to my family ( I mean shouldn't be hard right ? ) Do you know if I can apply for my spouse as the same time with me ? ( Her name can be on the list of share holders if it helps ) ------ How much Dollars is "sufficient financial resources" ? ------ Do I need to pay any tax or any money for the company in year 2 or 3 ? ----- The question I asked before, I can have an online job and earn enough money to live a happy life in turkey but since its o
  14. Hey there, A question has come to my mind and I was hoping you can answer it. I understand that I can get RP with registering a company and that doest give me WP. ( Since I have my own online business ) thats OK with me and I don't think Im doing anything illegal ( is that true ? ) Its also Ok with me to pay tax ( if there is any ) or any other money charges on company's name for keeping it alive without activities. Now my questions are, My company registration will give me RP but does it also give me right to open bank accounts , getting credit cards or even sending m
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