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  1. Hey, so does anybody have experience with this already? Any EU citizen who tried to apply this year already?
  2. Just to quickly report back here too, after a little delay involving a lovely four-day (!) health check at Göztepe Hospital, which I had been asked to undergo just before they scrapped that requirement, I also did get my residence permit today. It's for seven months, as requested (as my insurance wasn't willing to extend the coverage prematurely...). Of course, given how long it took, those seven months are almost over now...
  3. I had my appointment last week (in Maltepe, trying to renew a tourism residence permit for the third time), and they did ask me to come back with the health report and criminal background check. (Those documents had not been listed under the required documents on the application form I printed out.) I had already brought financial documentation so not sure if they would have asked for that.
  4. I realize this is a bit late to answer your question, but maybe it'll benefit somebody else: When I was out of the country when they shipped my residence permit, my flatmate asked the delivery guy to come back the next day, asked me for my foreigner ID and was allowed to receive the card in my place by stating that. I'm fairly certain that's not the official way of going about this, but it worked!
  5. In case anybody else is in the same situation, I came back after three weeks and the lady at passport control did not seem to mind in the least. She only checked the expiry date on the application document and let me in (in fact, I think I was through immigration faster than anytime before!). When leaving I had also asked three different officers at the airport, and all of them had assured me that it would not be a problem to stay out for three weeks. As for the residence permit, my flatmate managed to convince the delivery guy to hand it over to him in exchange for my yabanci kimlik numarasi - in fact he even managed to get him to come back the next day because he didn't have the number on hand! So both of these issues were surprisingly painless in the end - now I just need to find out how to get the next tourism residency permit extension
  6. Thanks Matthew, great to know that they kept yours for a month! Does your other comment refer only to question 1 or also question 2?
  7. Two questions about leaving the country after having applied for extension by mail (and the old residence permit having expired). I am planning two trips abroad in the next couple of weeks, one for a long weekend and one for approximately 3 weeks. I did not receive a document allowing me to leave Turkey while waiting for the card to arrive - not even when I had to submit an additional document in person in the Bakirköy office. 1) After calling 157, it is my (skeptical) understanding that I should print out my application document and get it stamped and signed at the Bakirköy office and use that, together with the proof of payment, so I can leave the country for up to 15 days while waiting for the new residence permit. Is that correct? 2) What do I do if I want to leave for more than 15 days? When I called 157, the guy was adamant that I could just go and come back on a visa (I am a German national so I get 90 days), and I would neither have to pay a fee nor would it affect my pending application in any way. Unfortunately, he stopped being adamant after I double-checked that twice and asked me to ask the border guards when I'm at the airport. I would like to figure this out before I get to the airport, so does anybody here have experience with that? So old permit is expired, new one has not been delivered yet, need to leave the country for approximately three weeks. 2b) Just thought of a corrolary to that, what happens if the residence permit is delivered while I am out of the country? How long will the PTT hold on to it for?
  8. Hey, good to see that the forums are back! Glad you could finally sort it out, Ken! I've been in Istanbul since December and have been trying to get an appointment on the e-ikamet website since then. I go through the steps three times every day, and every single time it tells me that there are no appointments available within the next 90 days. In every other city I had a look at, no matter whether provincial town or Izmir/Ankara, I could have an appointment tomorrow. I spoke to an agency that helps expats get their residence permits here, and they said they also had trouble getting appointments and that it might be a bug with the system, but weren't sure either. Does anybody have any more information about that? Anybody else trying to get a residence permit in Istanbul? Maybe somebody even successfully got an appointment recently? Alternatively, did anybody try applying for the permit in one city and then move to another? Apparently I would need to get a 12-month lease in the city I'm applying in, which would require some, uh, trickery, but would I be free to move to Istanbul afterwards? I'm not in a great rush because I'll be leaving the country soon until beginning of March, but I figured I'd assess my options early on in case the system is still acting up upon my return, so I'd be glad if anybody had any pointers!
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