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  1. Since I am interested in moving to Turkey in the future, I was wondering what kind of goods can you buy at local stores, bazaars, malls and so on that can be imported from Turkey to the USA? Does anyone have an idea. Would it be good to buy things from retailers in Turkey, or directly from the manufacturers, to have better profits? I am just curious how I can get started and go somewhere with such venture in Importing/Exporting.

  2. Since I have discovered that working at most schools in Turkey requires a BA degree in order to get a work visa. Is it possible that after I get a certificate in TOEFL/TESOL/TEFL, could I move to Turkey and offer private English lessons as services? Should I know Native Level Turkish before I consider looking into offering private tutoring services when the time comes? What do you guys think?

    Another thing is would it be possible to get a job at a school with a TOEFL/TESOL/TEFL and without a degree, but rather then getting a work permit, apply for residency (I myself am a Turkish-American born and raised in the USA).

  3. Slightly going off topic here..... but if you have Turkish roots, you might be eligible for citizenship & then there'd be no worry over work permits.  You'd be free to work in whatever field you wanted or whatever you can find.   BUT, of course, you should be aware of the downside to this ...... military obligation !   (But that's a whole new topic). 


    I hope you find a suitable solution --- good luck to you! :)

    Well I am above the military draft age and most likely, I would probably apply for residency versus a Work Visa instead. I was born and raised in the USA but my parents were born in Turkey. I would love to find a way to work in Turkey and teach English, but too bad I don't have a degree. (I stopped going to school a few months back due to emotional burnout and believe it is better for me to get a job and relax from school).

  4. I have some knowledge of the Turkish language and I was wondering, are there are any places where you can go teach English in Turkey without a BA, or just with a TOEFL certificate only? I am really looking into finding a way to where I can go and move to my family's native country and get a job there. Will they let you get work permits to get a English Teaching job with just a TOEFL certificate only.

  5. I gave an example of Izmir because one my parents were born there actually, that's why. But I am just curious about things and want to simply learn that is all. I have heard many stories of Chinese American kids born and raised in the USA living in China, as well as Japanese American kids born and raised in the USA living in Japan, plus Vietnamese American kids moving to Vietnam and so on, so I guess hearing such stories inspired me to look into moving to Turkey and be more closer to my relatives, in a way. We will see what happens over the next few months, and eventually, next few years.

  6. First of all, I am going to stay away from those girls who come from conservative families. Second of all, this month, I am going to talk with parents on concerning what to do with my life (I am debating on working on being a Small Business Owner, Insurance Agent or a Book Author, since I am writing a story). Third of all, I am not a heavy drinker, I only drink and smoke Hookah on a socially oriented basis. Fourth of all, if I ever move to Turkey, I will definitely live where my relatives are (Izmir), that is if I can seriously achieve doing so. Fifth of all, you might be right about things, just because I had a great time hanging out with my relatives and have had good times during the summer, doesn't mean everything will be so perfect and dandy and everything will be so rosy. Sixth of all, you pointed about saying that I might be a little crazy about considering moving to Turkey, especially with the unpredictable political climate there. Even though that is true and even though my uncle said the same thing to me, I have enjoyed seeing different sights, nonetheless. (More modern and upscale looking shopping malls compare to the USA, girls in the cities dress more classy then American girls, girls tend to be more confident them American girls, kids play in the neighborhood unlike how you see in boring suburban USA towns, the streets are more fun and the city centers are more densely populated, plus you have a lot more cultural activities and so on). I had a great time visiting my ancestral motherland and seeing my relatives nonetheless. Also, I am very nationalistic about both my ethnic backgrounds too. Seventh of all, I can speak Turkish even better then my older sister can and many of my relatives are impressed by my abilities. But my Turkish speaking needs to get to a point where I can speak like someone who was born and raised in Turkey.


    Anyways, thanks for giving me a heads up about everything so far and how things work in Turkey. 


    By the way, I had an incident where a daughter of my little cousin's babysitter started to kind of like me a little bit (she was like 8-9 years younger then me), but I wouldn't think of a romantic relationship with her due to the fact she has self confidence issues and also I wished for her to have more energy. But she could be cool to have as a friend though. But I wouldn't have a romantic relationship with her.


    Another thing, if you live in different parts of Turkey, do people perceive things in a different way depending on which part of the country you live in. (Like, does a person from Izmir culturally think differently then a guy from Sanliurfa or Diyarbakir?)

  7. I am a Young Turkish-American who is in his mid 20's born and raised in the States. I just recently finished school and didn't get a degree, due to not being able to get accepted into a Vocational Program. I am trying to figure out what to do with my life. I just recently this summer came back from a trip to see my relatives and I first of all have to say I really enjoy seeing the lifestyle there. I enjoyed being around my relatives, as well as the hospitality of all my relatives. I cried seeing kids playing happily in the streets of the neighborhoods, as I don't see this stuff at all in local Southern California neighborhoods. I also have noticed that when I am shopping malls, airports and other places, I have caught myself staring at girls way more in one month then I do in a whole year and am interested in meeting a girl from Turkey.


    I was wondering, how do more physically attractive girls in Turkey think like. Will the judge you if your not physically attractive (I don't look like a macho bad boy, I am really skinny, I have a really high pitched tone of voice, I look way younger then my actual age, and consider myself extremely plain looking), do not have a Bachelors Degree (due to struggling with a Behavioral+Learning Disability)  and I am taking some time to figure out what to do with your life. As a person, I have a good personality, am very fun to be around, and whenever my relatives back in Turkey see me, they consider me to be really fun to be around and I have younger male cousins who look up to me and greatly respect me. Can a person like me get away with mainly a nice personality, fun to be around and having a good sense of humor, or will girls and their families be judgmental just because I am lacking some strengths as a person. I mean if I date a girl, I will be willing to do things like treat her like a queen, be as fun to be around as possible, do things like clean the house up and make food and other things. I will even better myself as a human being too. So will having a good personality be enough to get girls that look like on a 8/10 scale.


    Another thing is since I just recently went on a trip to see my relatives who live all the way in Turkey, I had so much fun and so much amazing memories hanging out various places, which I don't think I will be enjoying for a while if you ask me. I was going to nice pristine beaches drinking on the beach, meeting random people during the summer vacation, trying to talk to random girls at beach places and island places, having good times with my cousins and so on. This had led me almost consider living there for a couple of years, see how it is like and how I can improve my Turkish language skills.


    I was originally considering to look into starting a Small Business, or get my Insurance License, or start Writing Books to earn $, but now, this trip I have enjoyed a whole lot really makes me think, boy I miss seeing all of my relatives so much to the point I want to live there. But will it be realistic for me to move there all the sudden the same year after enjoying this trip, or should I just build a career in the States for a while, maybe going to see relatives more and maybe move permanently in the future once I can speak Turkish fluently (I have a hang of the language somewhat but need improvement).


    What is your take about this issue guys about what girls I am looking for and whether if they will judge me or not? What about how realistic it is to move to Turkey maybe in a few months to year, or maybe in a few years? I'd like to hear some opinions.



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