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  1. Hey guys, just had a couple quick questions US citizen/passport in Turkey on a tourist e-visa. My tourist visa is 180 day period from April 1 to Sep 29. I first entered Turkey for a few days only in April, left, and came back to spend about 80 days in July/Aug/Sep. (so in total less than the 90 days) So my question is, since I started off the 180 total days in April, when my tourist visa expires in Sep 29, I should technically be able to leave the country and enter again on the same day or the 30th on a NEW tourist visa, correct? Or is that not how the 180 days are counted? Any insights would be great, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, quick question I have my application number saved, but when I first applied for the RP, I wasnt anywhere near a printer. I vaguely remember in the past that there was a way online to bring up the finished application form again by entering my application number somewhere. Is that still possible? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my RP application form again to print out before my appointment? Thanks!
  3. Hey Sepuku, thanks for the info! I went to this exact branch, and at first they seemed happy to help, but when it came time to enter my tax number, they said there was a problem, possibly with the Vergi Dairesi branch with where i got it originally, or something wrong with my address. Has anyone else ever encountered a problem like this?! Sepuku, can I ask where you got your tax number from? I got mine from the office near Sishane, does anyone know if this might be a problem? I dont see how it could be different, but with all the trouble I've had thus far, you never know.... Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the help everyone! Kimac, can you tell me which bank you and your friend went to? Recently tried Yapi Kredi, they said all they required was a passport and vergi numarasi, but as soon as they tried to open the account, they said there was a system error with the tax office and they couldnt finish with the process, and to try again tomorrow. I'll give an update if they ever get it resolved, but just in case it never does, any other banks (or specific branches of certain banks) that people have had success in opening accounts without the RP?
  5. Hello everyone, Quick question before the RP. For my tax number and health insurance, I used the address of where I was temporarily staying in Istanbul. For the online application and the rental agreement, I'm using the address of a more permanent position. Will this affect my RP process, or am I just stressing for no reason? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I tried searching for this but I couldnt find a clear answer, so sorry if this has been asked already. I have my RP appointment in October, and I'm trying to sort everything out. It seems like I need to show that I have enough money in strictly a Turkish bank account, but ive been to three banks yesterday (HSBC, ING and Garanti) and they all said there is no way to open a bank account before getting the RP. Am I missing something here? How am I supposed to show that I have enough $$ for a RP in a Turkish bank if I cant open a turkish bank account without a RP? Are there specific banks that allow people to open an account before a RP? Someone told me that before people would just pay an exchange office to make a receipt for however much money was needed, is that still a viable alternative if I cant get a bank to open an account for me? Thanks so much!
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