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  1. Hi... Sorry I've not been on for a while, to be honest I've just been trying to move on with things and just forget about my Husband threatening to Divorce me from Turkey, but his Girlfriend seams to have other ideas... I've received a message today where she's boasting about my Husbands Divorce from me becoming final as of Tomorrow (Monday 14th October) I have not received any Divorce papers from Turkey, and it seems, if it is true that he's managed to Divorce me without my consent, and without my knowledge... he certainly has had no grounds to Divorce me on so what ever has been entered in
  2. Dear Merve....the last time My Husband and I lived in Bodrum was from December 2009 to February 2011, in february 2011 we moved back to the UK.... My Husband only moved back to Turkey 6th June 2013.. he has only been in Turkey 26 days... Many Thanks Debbie.. Hi Amanda I'm not by no means an expert on Divorce laws but can offer a bit of advice from what I know about Divorcing so far as I'm going through this myself.. If your Mum Divorced here in the Uk and has her Decree Absolute then she is legally Divorced here... but she cannot remarry another Turkish man or marry in Turkey as h
  3. I was wondering if any members could offer up some advice please... Maybe someone has gone through this situation or knows someone who as... Its my understanding that if I was to Divorce my Turkish husband here in the uk I would be free to marry again..... except to another Turkish Man or marry anyone in Turkey as my marriage would still be valid in Turkey.... my Husband would not be free to marry anyone though... Lets reverse the situation..... My Husband Divorces me in Turkey only... I'm still married in the eyes of UK law so unable to marry anyone....he is free to marry again but only a
  4. Many Thanks for your quick reply Merve Balin........ to clarify a couple of things ... we did not live in Bodrum throughout our Marriage, we lived in Turkey and in the UK... I am concerned that my Husband has given a false address for the Divorce papers to be sent to here in the UK...... the address being his girlfriend's Mother's address and not mine.. in which case the Divorce papers will be ignored and because I would have no knowledge of the papers ever being posted I can not object to the Divorce....... because there would be no response from me the court will accept this as though I d
  5. Hello... I'm hoping one of our Turkish Attorney members can help me here with some advice... but any advise is welcome I married my Turkish Husband in Turkey 2004... we moved to UK 2006 and the marriage was recognised here...we have lived together in both Turkey and the Uk throughout our marriage.. We have recently separated Dec 2012 and I withdrew my sponsorship of his Limited to remain visa Feb 2013 (I never applied for Indefinite visa for my Husband) but also his visa expired anyway 9th March 20013.. so he was living here after this time illegally with his new English girlfriend... I re
  6. Yes me too many congrats to you both.........I cant think of anyone who deserves it more than you sue you have been a tower of strength and determination through your illness....... hes a lucky guy...... and your a lucky girl...
  7. Hi IngalillWelcome to the forumI cant comment on the way your marriage was conducted and that you were never asked about whether you wanted to take your Husbands name after marriage as thats what is usually done in the Uk and when I married my Turkish Hubby here in Turkey......... We had to sign our names (mine was previous surname) and on the marriage book it states my birth surname and my past married surname and my new surname so that when using the book to register changes like on passport or driving license etc they can see the link from my past surnames to this one.... I would have thoug
  8. Great news everything went so well.....
  9. Hi ChopsThats the bit I'm not sure how to go about........ I'm guessing but you would probably need to submit your translated papers via a solicitor.... but dont quote me..Can you not send Mrs Lawyer a PM from this forum....ask how how you go about getting the divorce recognized here in turkey and that you have all the papers translated ready....sorry I cant be more help.... trouble is I dont know anyone who has been through this process...
  10. Hi Chops What Siren said is correct İF your b/f and his first wife had not initiated a Divorce in the Uk first.....he would have opened a case here in Turkey, served the papers to his ex in Uk and taken it from there....... In your case because they Divorced over 2yrs ago in the Uk ..... he now can do as sunnys post said from Mrs Lawyer You may get your divorce decree recognized here in Turkey. In other words, you do not need to open a divorce case in Turkey. I really could not understand why you started an action here. He has already divorced! 'Recognition of a decision given by
  11. Cant imagine why you didn't inquire about boob jobs cukur. .... I'll send Karyn a pm as her link is about cosmetic dentistry.........something else I would like to have done....Thanks guys....
  12. oh Cukur how wonderful for you.... yes you must be really excited but at the same time slightly nervous, anyone would be..... but the outcome .... it never ceases to amaze me what can be done yr after yr regards medical treatments..Just think in a couple weeks you will open your eyes and be able to see everything clearly without having to reach for your glasses.... technology ehSadly for a few yrs now my eyes have deteriorated for reading.... its such a pain having to reach for my glasses before I can read the instructions on the pkt....Just out of curiosty... does the Hospital at Antalya do
  13. ohhh Cukur I'm drooling..... it looks lovely, I miss scones with fresh cream and jam....they were also my Hubby's favorite sweet pastry back in UK....Your so lucky to have real milk and so able to make real fresh cream........Yes I too wish I lived nearer, mind you ....dont think you'd appreciate it if I did, you'd never have any buns and cakes left and the tea pot would be on constantly....I made some Victoria Scones a couple of weeks ago, I offered one to Hubby and said they taste just like the scones we used to get in UK but sorry no cream or jam.......... he bloody refused cos there was no
  14. I really don't understand what their trying to achieve here....Not only are the cars twice as much just about as in the UK but now you have the added expense of the Resident permit and a Turkish driving licence.... this is going to cause a lot of stress for people now having to do all the running around trying to sort both out....Turks who live in UK don't need a permanent visa or an English driving license to own a car... so why are we being penalized for everything because we just want to live here.... I've no doubt some people wont bother with cars now ..... so thats a loss to the country a
  15. Whiterose...... don't think of it like that 'an insult to our wedding' ....... its paperwork thats all... means to an end...When I married the first time in UK.... my Husband had been married before but I wanted to marry in Church.... in UK they don't (or didn't) allow divorc
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