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  1. Hi... Sorry I've not been on for a while, to be honest I've just been trying to move on with things and just forget about my Husband threatening to Divorce me from Turkey, but his Girlfriend seams to have other ideas... I've received a message today where she's boasting about my Husbands Divorce from me becoming final as of Tomorrow (Monday 14th October) I have not received any Divorce papers from Turkey, and it seems, if it is true that he's managed to Divorce me without my consent, and without my knowledge... he certainly has had no grounds to Divorce me on so what ever has been entered into any Divorce papers will be all lies... because I have not received any Divorce petition from Turkey I have not been able to see what he's supposed to have Divorced me on.... but anything I would NOT have given my consent.. I've explained the Turkish Divorce laws to his girlfriend and said that any Divorce without my consent would not be legal as far as I'm concerned, I told her I have not received any Divorce petition to my UK address.... I also told her that UK don't recognise a Turkish Divorce and as such I still would be married to him under Uk law, which means he is not free to marry another UK Citizen (her) only that he can marry another Turkish woman... She's answered saying that I'm wrong in my knowledge of Turkish divorce (but not in so nice words that I have just written) and been boasting that she will be marrying my Husband on New Years Eve this yr.... and will then happily send me all the photo's.. If any Lawyer can advise please... Is there anyway I can check in Turkey that my Husband has Divorced me without my consent....
  2. Dear Merve....the last time My Husband and I lived in Bodrum was from December 2009 to February 2011, in february 2011 we moved back to the UK.... My Husband only moved back to Turkey 6th June 2013.. he has only been in Turkey 26 days... Many Thanks Debbie.. Hi Amanda I'm not by no means an expert on Divorce laws but can offer a bit of advice from what I know about Divorcing so far as I'm going through this myself.. If your Mum Divorced here in the Uk and has her Decree Absolute then she is legally Divorced here... but she cannot remarry another Turkish man or marry in Turkey as her marriage will still be recognised there.. There is no benefit to your Mum to Divorce in Turkey, only to her ex as he needs to Divorce in Turkey to re-marry anyone.... From my understanding if she does not attend the date of the hearing then it would be cancelled and another date may be set... she is not contesting the Divorce so really has no need for a solicitor here or over in Turkey.... she is Divorced here thats good enough, if she has no intention of ever marrying another Turkish man then I can't see that she would ever need a copy of her Divorce from Turkey.. Your Mom's ex would have been requesting the Decree absolute as he could have this translated, notarized and then the Divorce from here could have been registered in Turkey without the need to open a full Divorce case... this procedure is a lot quicker and less expensive
  3. I was wondering if any members could offer up some advice please... Maybe someone has gone through this situation or knows someone who as... Its my understanding that if I was to Divorce my Turkish husband here in the uk I would be free to marry again..... except to another Turkish Man or marry anyone in Turkey as my marriage would still be valid in Turkey.... my Husband would not be free to marry anyone though... Lets reverse the situation..... My Husband Divorces me in Turkey only... I'm still married in the eyes of UK law so unable to marry anyone....he is free to marry again but only a Turkish woman, because our marriage would still be recognised here in the Uk so he would not be able to marry another Uk citizen same as I wouldn't be able to marry another Turkish man if we only Divorced here....... Am I correct in thinking this.......... it seems the reasons above is why we need to Divorce in both the Uk and Turkey...
  4. Many Thanks for your quick reply Merve Balin........ to clarify a couple of things ... we did not live in Bodrum throughout our Marriage, we lived in Turkey and in the UK... I am concerned that my Husband has given a false address for the Divorce papers to be sent to here in the UK...... the address being his girlfriend's Mother's address and not mine.. in which case the Divorce papers will be ignored and because I would have no knowledge of the papers ever being posted I can not object to the Divorce....... because there would be no response from me the court will accept this as though I don't object to the Divorce and the case will go ahead without me ever knowing...this is big worry to me.......... Do I have to sign the Divorce petition papers and post them back even if I want Divorce, or only sign and return if I contest the Divorce.. Also can you advise please, because our Marriage is registered here in the UK... am I right in believing that even if my Husband make Divorce from Turkey he can not marry another UK citizen as the UK still recognise he his still married to me... its my understanding that for both of us to be free to marry whoever we have to Divorce in the UK and in Turkey... you may learn if he has applied to Bodrum Courts for divorce with a legal search in courthouse....... Please how can I make legal search to Bodrum Courts... Many Thanks Debbie
  5. Hello... I'm hoping one of our Turkish Attorney members can help me here with some advice... but any advise is welcome I married my Turkish Husband in Turkey 2004... we moved to UK 2006 and the marriage was recognised here...we have lived together in both Turkey and the Uk throughout our marriage.. We have recently separated Dec 2012 and I withdrew my sponsorship of his Limited to remain visa Feb 2013 (I never applied for Indefinite visa for my Husband) but also his visa expired anyway 9th March 20013.. so he was living here after this time illegally with his new English girlfriend... I reported him to Immigration and he was aware they were looking for him so he has now returned back to Turkey 6th June 2013 with his new girlfriend.. He is trying to Divorce me from Turkey and I have been sent a message from his girlfriend to say,, they have seen a solicitor in Bodrum and a date has been set for the Divorce, if I don't attend the court on this day then they make another date and if I don't attend the second date then the marriage will be dissolved there and then.. I have not received any paperwork from my Husband solicitor in Bodrum (if it even true they have seen one) for me to give or not give my consent to the marriage....I have advised my Husband's new girlfriend that on no account will the marriage be dissolved even if I don't attend the hearing because I do not give my consent... I advised my Husband has absolutely no grounds to Divorce me on and I would not consent to any of his lies... where as I have a list as long as your arm for me to Divorce my Husband on... My concern here is that I have been told that my Husband was trying to start a Divorce in an illegal way.. by asking his girlfriend to act as me (His wife) and to forge my signature to make Divorce... I can not for one minute think that the court would accept any Divorce petition without our Marriage book (which I have here in the UK) and a copy of my passport .... I am also concerned that if I was to give permission to make Divorce in Turkey that here in the UK I am still legally married and as such can not re-marry..... it's my understanding that UK law does not recognise a Turkish Divorce.. so I would not be able to register the Divorce here... I am aware though that if I was to Divorce here in the UK first, my Husband can then take the Decree absolute, have it translated and notarized and then register the UK Divorce in Turkey, and this is a lot less complicated... I want to make the Divorce in my best interest and not make any favour for my Husband so he can then re-marry his new girlfriend so she can then apply for new visa to come back to UK... One major problem I have is the costs incurred from starting a Divorce here in the Uk.. I have no money and have been left with at least £8,000 debt which was incurred during the start of our marriage when we were first living in Turkey together... Can someone please advise my best route...
  6. Yes me too many congrats to you both.........I cant think of anyone who deserves it more than you sue you have been a tower of strength and determination through your illness....... hes a lucky guy...... and your a lucky girl...
  7. Hi IngalillWelcome to the forumI cant comment on the way your marriage was conducted and that you were never asked about whether you wanted to take your Husbands name after marriage as thats what is usually done in the Uk and when I married my Turkish Hubby here in Turkey......... We had to sign our names (mine was previous surname) and on the marriage book it states my birth surname and my past married surname and my new surname so that when using the book to register changes like on passport or driving license etc they can see the link from my past surnames to this one.... I would have thought you would also have to have the change of names on your marriage certificate to prove why you have changed your surname, like I say when using the certificate to change your surname (which the authority's ask for your marriage certificate when you advise your name was changed through marriage) on important papers like the Bank account wanted to see my marriage certificate because it shows why my name was changed and that it was changed legaly...How you would go about changing your name now you are married I'm sorry I have no idea.... what about getting in touch with the registrar office you were married at to ask what the procedure is.....and why you were never even asked about name change.....
  8. Great news everything went so well.....
  9. Hi ChopsThats the bit I'm not sure how to go about........ I'm guessing but you would probably need to submit your translated papers via a solicitor.... but dont quote me..Can you not send Mrs Lawyer a PM from this forum....ask how how you go about getting the divorce recognized here in turkey and that you have all the papers translated ready....sorry I cant be more help.... trouble is I dont know anyone who has been through this process...
  10. Hi Chops What Siren said is correct İF your b/f and his first wife had not initiated a Divorce in the Uk first.....he would have opened a case here in Turkey, served the papers to his ex in Uk and taken it from there....... In your case because they Divorced over 2yrs ago in the Uk ..... he now can do as sunnys post said from Mrs Lawyer You may get your divorce decree recognized here in Turkey. In other words, you do not need to open a divorce case in Turkey. I really could not understand why you started an action here. He has already divorced! 'Recognition of a decision given by an English court related to marriage and divorce can be registered in Turkey. By the principals of
  11. Cant imagine why you didn't inquire about boob jobs cukur. .... I'll send Karyn a pm as her link is about cosmetic dentistry.........something else I would like to have done....Thanks guys....
  12. oh Cukur how wonderful for you.... yes you must be really excited but at the same time slightly nervous, anyone would be..... but the outcome .... it never ceases to amaze me what can be done yr after yr regards medical treatments..Just think in a couple weeks you will open your eyes and be able to see everything clearly without having to reach for your glasses.... technology ehSadly for a few yrs now my eyes have deteriorated for reading.... its such a pain having to reach for my glasses before I can read the instructions on the pkt....Just out of curiosty... does the Hospital at Antalya do plastic Surgery.... I'm thinking of a possible boob lift and tummy tuck........ Why will I possibly do it.... because I can
  13. My friend came in through Bodrum Airport on Friday and was issued with a visa stamp with the wording "Multiple entry visa valid for 90 days. Duration begins on the date of entry to turkey. holder has no right to work." right at the bottom where the amount is it said USD 20 this was overprinted with
  14. That doesn't surprise me in the least.... its like the blind leading the blind here...
  15. Hi All I renewed my visa via kos trip only 2 days ago and on the visa sticker the wording is - Multiple entry visa valid for 90 days. Duration begins on the date of entry to turkey. holder has no right to work. This has been my 3rd visa since coming to Turkey and the wording on all 3 is the same..... So does this mean I can do the kos trip 90 days later again By the way... not sure if it makes a difference but I hold a GB passport...
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