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  1. My wife wants to start an online business shipping clothing items directly to the US from Turkey. I am assuming initially this would just be relatively low volume sales, but I don't want her to cause any trouble for us. 1.) I want to know if it's possible to inexpensively ship small items (think t-shirt size or smaller) from Turkey to the US, and if so, I'd like to hear any suggestions you might have. 2.) If it isn't practical to send things directly to customers from inside Turkey, my wife is considering sending things in bulk to the US and having a family member take care of the domestic shipping as orders come through. 3.) Is this something that would require a bunch of import or export fees?
  2. Moving to Antakya from the United States in a few weeks. I am looking at apartments on sahibinden, but I cant figure out how the heating typically works. I see most apartments are listed as having central heating, and I see the radiators in all the rooms... I know some european style apartments have central heat that is controlled by the apartment management where all tenants pay a monthly bill to split the cost of gas or oil etc. I don't mind paying the bill, I just don't like the idea of cooking to death in my apartment because I cant choose to turn the heat off. Can someone tell me how this usually works?
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