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  1. If i were you, i would NOT settle in the BIG cities where life is on the fast lane, too hectic, and too materialistic. I would also avoid the small cities where not much varity of anything, and life might be too quite and sometimes a bit boring. Aim for a good location and a population of around 800K to 1 million. That way you get a bit of everything and you could always visit the big cities for more much more varaities, or escape for a weekend in a rural small town. This is my preference, but i have a son that should attend school next year, so i have to take that into consideration. All the best.
  2. You are so full of surprises I have made my booking to Turkey for this coming Friday. I was surprised to find out that this a very high season -obviously- and many hotels are fully booked. Rooms available are pricy or in shaby hotels. Does anyone have a recommendation for a family satay in Istanbul (with 2 kids)? Is it a public holiday for Rurkey in Eid? If so, for how long?
  3. Well hello there Wow .. that's an awful alot. What an expeiremnt! Hmmm .. more than i want to thank you, i want say that i am really sorry you got so frustrated. Bear in mind that you are heading for a complete change of life not just residency, and Turkey ,as we hear, should be worth a little troublance at the begining. I sincerely wish that there was an advice that I could offer you, but if it's any comfort, know that although we are all complete strangers to you, but we pray that you be patient and succeed in doing whatever makes you happy. (My wife is following your story as well ) Don't give up, please, and know that after you get all your papers, you will have plenty of time to reap the benifits of your new life. Wishing ALL the best, and Happy Eid. Oh yeah, go ahead and make nice plans for Eid. You need a break.
  4. It's been 7 days since your last post. Any updates, Samar?
  5. Alf Mabrook .. Congrats Samar From what i hear, they application takes some time to process but you get the actual premit in 2-3 weeks by mail (i think). If this is the case, i hope you will get some paper proof and that would suffice to do what you need to do as if you are holding the actual official premit card. I hope someone would come along and correct me if i am wrong. Take (2) copies of your passprt, (4) passport size photos, a copy of your visa to enter Turkey, and i (guess) you might need yout rent contract, of course some cash (around 80USD). Do you need a bank statement? Do you need a proof of your medical insurance? I usually take all the necessary and the "might be" helping documents with 2 copies at least of each docuemtn. Yupe, a handful folder You could also have a look here: http://istanbulforeignersoffice.com/en/residencepermit/touristic-stay May by this coming Eid you will have completely and peacfully setteled. Keep us posted, and GOOD LUCK
  6. So sorry to hear about this bad experience, Samar. Rest well since the day for is done. And yes please, don't hurry things. I wish I had info to provide, but i can only offer you support and prayer.
  7. Hi Samar! Yes, it does sound a bit bumby right now for you, but nothing that is so major. The Private Health Insurance price you mentioned sounds more that what is being said in many site. http://www.yellali.com/blogs/article/194/private-health-insurance-vs-sgk-turkey http://www.yellali.com/Groupama_FIT_brochure.pdf (FIT stands for Forigners in Turkey, and its compliant with RP). They do offer an Instant Online Quote For Residence Permit Health Insurance, whic is "probably" an estimate. I got [Estimated Annual Policy Premium: 1224.64 TL]. Don't know yet if there are any hidden costs. One has to compare plans. Yours might be better. Of course a new commer would not all the insides and the saving ways at first. You are doing good, and you seem very determined I pray that things will be much better and easier for you in all the coming days.
  8. Hi Samar! First of all, good luck with your move and wish you the smoothest settle. I have been following your process to settle in Turkey since i am having similar plans. Following your posts, along with others in this forum, gives many information that i am thankful for. Keeps us all posted on how things go with you, and once again, wishing you the best of luck.
  9. I was really hoping to avoid very large cities. I am also not welling to pay ridiculous fees for international education. I really liked Alanya to start with, but thought of Antalya since it is a larger city and it "might" have international schools. I guess i will have to go with turkish education system, but i would at least like my kids to attend a school with emphasis on English language. Could you please explain what you mean by the "noters" offices? Are they available in every city?
  10. I could not just read and leave without thanking you Fil. I also, thank you WizWooz for starting this thread, and you spoke of my concerns as well. Thank you both.
  11. I am a vivid internet user and searcher, but could not find detailed info regarding international education. I am hoping that i could be pointed to info about internationally accredited schools in or around Antalya. I have found a few in Istanbul, some were good, but the fees are ridiculous (USD +20K). I am wondering if the fees in Antalya are similar. The school is for my boy who is almost 6 yrs and who should be attending Primary 1 next year. He has completed KG1 and KG2 in an international school in Egypt. And where could i find a Turkish-English translator, and Turkish-Arabic translator? I might need either or both. I plan on visiting Antalya very soon and i would stay for about 3 weeks to get acquainted with the city.
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