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  1. ok sir! I will not call you uncle but as you are a teacher so I will call you SIR as an honour
  2. khurram

    will it be safe

    thank you so much sir! and yes turkey is a wonderful country with wonderful and kind people
  3. HobbitTR ! sir I am extremely sorry! I found that you are of my grandpa's age and you are also an retired teacher so extremely sorry for calling you brother. from now I will call you sir. hope you forgive me regards khurram
  4. khurram

    will it be safe

    Aslam o Alaikum friends! If I take a house on rent in turkey then should I take change its main door lock or it will be safe if I dont? thank you
  5. okay brother! its alright thank you so much
  6. hello HobbitTR brother! that helps a lot but it doesnt have any indian or pakistani channels. if you have any information about the above satallite dishes then please tell me. thanks a lot for your help
  7. Hello dear friends! Soon I am Coming to Izmir to make a living there and I need some information on Hot Bird 6 Hot Bird 10 Intelsat 20 Nilesat 201 Turksat Digiturk can someone help that where I can buy these in Izmir, Turkey. I will be very thankful
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