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  1. the police report is no problem. It's the social aid document. Went to the local SGK office (as told by the DGMM) which is Ortaca for us. There they said (basically) 'you are a foreigner so you cannot get this aid therefore you do not need a document. It is no problem' However the DGMM may find it a problem. It would have been useful if the required documents lists were in Turkish and the language you ask for. My Turkish is not quite good enough to explain the English back to Turkish for officials who don't think you need what you are asking for. Apart from this I found the online system really good and the DGMM staff were really helpful when we went in there to ask a question. Its' just a long trip to make for a quick question.
  2. thanks..found this but now have to find where to get certain documents such as the police report, locally they have no idea, - and the one that declares you have not had social aid from the state in the last 3 years. Any idea?
  3. How do you apply for this? Before the online form you just ticked a box at the top. There is nothing on the online form. AND no one has ever said you need to know your blood type!
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