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  1. @ThatDoodDivinE weird i use youtube app most of the time and never had this issue

  2. @Thiefs @Avxry cpm was most likely $2 because youtube is just f**ked atm

  3. @TheNotoriousMMA @BurgerKing cringe

  4. Chucky Bit my head! F'kn CHUCKY IRISH IN LONDON: https://t.co/ufRjiaU4Ff via @YouTube

  5. @FortniteGame I completed all weekly battle pass challenges and i feel robbed I am now only getting 1 daily challenge on reset #feelmypain

  6. @FortniteGame @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones @Uk1Jones

  7. @Chaosxsilencer Good, rip all you sh*t kids with double pumps

  8. @iCrazyTeddy @Chaosxsilencer @TmarTn @HollowPoiint @KOSDFF you just snitched on your self

  9. #Xbox https://t.co/JVWAeMLtWq

  10. @AmazonVideoUK video app on xbox one is not working states "this app cannot be streamed" @XboxSupport

  11. @GamerAD26_ @FortniteGame All i hear is people shouting I AM A DICKHEAD

  12. @all_1k I loose most matches solo haha the pump shotgun is so OP right now though so watch out for them 1 shotters… https://t.co/OgFuowvJ40

  13. RT @FortniteBattles: In celebration of 30,000 Followers we're giving away some DLC! Giving away two Fortnite Characters! 2 winners will rec…

  14. @kopec_andrew @FortniteGame yeah the pump is stupid now

  15. @FortniteBattles its worse don't like it any more tbh