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  1. Hello, I guess I owe the people of Canakkale an explanation here. The city and the people were very friendly and cooperative. The process could've been worst elsewhere. I disnt hear about electricity rules and its is all over Turkey by the way. It depends on the landlord if he keeps the bills by his name or not. If I had known, the whole scenario would have changed. I wouldn't look for furniture and might think twice before renting a place and would have been prepared psychologically for the waiting time frame. Wot made it hard is fasting because it wasn't possible to leave hotel after breakfast and during the day I didn't go out unless I had to. I had no doubt that the sas electronics would give my money back because of the person who recommended them, it's a tradition or social norm. The worries of the unknown was too much and I sensed it wasn't what I want soon after and I kept on denying it because I was eager to settle. That feeling tortured me. If I stayed here I could've saved quite good money. But everything comes with a price. I don't think it's one of my appreciated languages either because they got a mix of English, French, Arabic and Latin I guess and probably more. I don't want to set presumptions about my performance. I think you have it bumpy in Ankara, one thing am sure of is that Turkish don't care about your nationality or religion! Though they just have to ask you where are you from, and that is because it's an exciting matter to them to have been in contact with someone from abroad. They like to be in your own country one day. I got my reidence card and am happy they went for the passport picture:))) On my way back to Istanbul, ah about Istanbul, I pick the life stile that suits me here, I basically don't have to do what I don't want to do. All the best to you all and many thanks By the way am not British All the bes
  2. Am settled in Istanbul Asia! I skipped the hassle and expense to a brand new furnished 1+1 apt. It is so small like 50 squared feet! Except it's got everything and comes with a fabulous view both rooms to four prince islands! Lucky ha! I am heading in shallah to Canakkale tomorrow for a day visit to pick up my residency card! Excited. Canakkaleis sure a place you'd miss and want to visit back, but not to live there, not yet for me. Maybe the right time will come one day for Canakkale. I am back to swimming, no workout yet, done 20025 meters today yaaaay Turkish language course on mid Aug, family members and friends visiting and during summer and all is going smooth
  3. I want to let you know that the office that issues the residency cards sends a message when they post the card by mail. Then they send another message when it is delivered, which is nice. Mine is delivered but since am not in Canakkale, I am trying to get hold of the apt management. Not worried at all and hoping for the best
  4. Hello, I made it to Istanbul and checking both sides. Rent is more than double than Canakkale. I like the landscape is Asia and the greeneries. Still checking rents. There are certain shops here to buy furniture and electronics cheaper than the market ( like distributors) will post names of shop when the time comes.
  5. Thank you all for your wishful thoughts and prayers for me. I believe I have to do my best and the rest is up to God. Today the realestate agent told me once more that it might be best that I take my money back and let go with the apartment, I agreed! I know I won't find a one or two bedrooms with good view and I know now that this place is too quiet, almost nothing happens hear, and the only a ail able Turkis courses are in the university and they are not for bigginers. So, am almost set to move one more time, this time to Istanbul and I hope I find a decent location. My bus ticket is with me for Friday morning. The rent money will be refunded to me tomorrow, the utilities money are supposed to be refunded on Thursday noon. My residency is suppose to arrive to the hotel address and they are willing to mail it for me once it arrives.
  6. Ken, I started as soon as I arrived to Turkey based on their request on the web page, but that was the biggest mistake! DON'T DO THAT is my advise to every new comer unles they are 100% sure this is where they want to be. You'll see why if you look closely to the proceidure I took and will figure out what to do instead: 1. Got a tax number from tax office, they requested my address, I gave the the hotel address in Antalya. 2. I didn't check the document, it spelled my name wrong. 3. I didn't like Antalya and wanted out as soon as possible and moved to Canakkale, went to Ziraat Bank were they still wanted my tax number to process me an ATM card. 4. Tax office corrected the name and kept the same address in Antalya which I knew why later. 5. Complete bank process and they won't give you a pre paid credit card ( they hold the value limit plus four or five hundred dollars extra as long as you have the card) not without residency card. 6. Found an apartment and signed the contract. Went to electricity department and they requested the original residency document 7. Got money transferred to my account, surprisingly it arrived to my account in less than an HOUR! But that depends on coming from which country. 8. Took passport photograph and I had to wipe my simple eye liner off! No make up what so ever! Hair tucked behind the ears. 8. Applied online knowing I got everything they needed and set my appointment right after the weekend and selected the time. NOTE: in the application it didn't indicate a specific amount you must have, it asked to mark one of the options for range of money and the Max was 5000 and above without any reference to the currency. I didn't rely on that and had a bigger figure in the bank statement. 9. Went two hours earlier to the bank for a same date bank statement. I was directed to the 'giving office address appeared on the web to show up to' and told to go by foot as it is near by. Got there and couldn't find the place. Few people helped going the same location on the same floor and it is not there! Running out of time and desided I want to go to the same migration office I know. Got there before my appointment and they said this is the same address I had on my note. So, there are TWO LOCATIONS OF SAME ADDRESS don't ask me how and I told them nothing to spare myself the language frustration. 10. Though I didn't have the original papers of the health insurance, I called the bank to make sure they won't delay the process at the migration office, and promissed to bring it the next day. EVERY PAPER MUST BE ORIGINAL, keep yourself copies of each! 11. The migration office requested payment. It wasn't only for the application fee! It included Chang of address fee!! They considered the hotel in Antalya my first address. The payment was at the tax office. I had the time to go back to process the application after payment. The residency number, the police number, the validity date were givin to me on scratch papers and told me now you can go to electricity office. THEY DO NOT know. The residency document will take ten days to two weeks to arrive by mail. 12. Got rejected at electricity dept. 13. Canakkale is considered a military town, foreigners are not allowed to own any property. I AM STILL AT THE HOTEL AND AM NOT FEELING GOOD. Al hamdulellah for every thing. Take the time before doing any step in the process. I am not sure I'll find Turkish courses here, there is one offer at the university to improve your Turkish. So, that can also be a problem. I hope this is helpful
  7. Hello, I have received the residency number on Friday! I was informed that my residency is valid since 26/6/2015 and expires the same date next year. The date was based on the health insurance validity date! Sounds good! Well that's what I thought, except the electricity department didn't care much for the number, they need the official residency document. The card is not expected before minimum ten days or two weeks! At this point, this is how I feel; am frustrated, going nuts being at the hotel, fed up with Canakkale and very lonely! And leaving Canakkale sounds like sole remedy right now!
  8. Hello everyone, I went to my appointment yesterday! It went fine, they needed the original copy of my health insurance which I didn't have in the first place. But that didn't delay the process. I still managed to collect it from the bank the same day, will drop it off today in shallah. The residency number will be given through the computerized system by the end of the week. So it takes three to four days. The residency permit arrived within ten days by mail. Once I get the number it is good enough to give it to the electricity department to swich it on in my place. I expect moving in to my place on Monday hopefully. So tired from hotel stay.
  9. Yay! Processed application and got an appointment on Monday! Am so excited! Do I get the residency permit the same day? Are they going to interview me or just collect the needed documents? My feeling everything will be over on Monday! I already found a nice fitness center beer by for TL 50 per month! I think I found were I can study Turkish too, COMU UNIVERSITY hoping it's not too late for summer course.
  10. Ken, have you been to Kas! What a wonderful town! I certinely plan to visit, this is what I wish a car and right company for! It's land of endless beauty.
  11. Hi Ken, Well am not sure am getting any better yet UH! I hate that! Just chopped my text!!!
  12. In shallah Abdullah, thanks. I like the drums at Suhoor time ❤️
  13. I wanted to share with all of you that despite how nice and helpful are the Turkish people, this doesn't mean that you should be trustful to all no matter what. For instance, the helpful Turkish man that I asked him to drop me at big shop for electronics which has everything related to homes and all the available brands, instead he dropped me at SES Electronics claiming that they are the best and the store is very big! I rest to his choice! The shop isn't that big and was limited in options. But I doubted my judgement because the woman helping me used to refer to catalog models for size and etc. I didn't see raged prices! The woman in general was very helpful and friendly, however, when it came to money it was something else. At the end of the day, fasting and very tired, She directed me to another shop to buy electrical wire for iPhone because The battery was running out and I must have the translation app and telephone available. At that shop I paid and plunged my phone to charge while I looked around. To my shock I found two very exact items that were on my shoping list at SES except with huge price difference, SES was way more expensive! A teffal boiler was for TL 49, she marked it after discount for me at TL79, the cooler was marked TL 145 were she gave me TL 460. So I took pics of the items and price and went back expressing that am not happy with prices at their shop, she said sometimes little items happen to have a day drop in price. She wouldn't change the price! So As exhausted I was and so eager to move to my place -not knowing about the electricity surprise- I started to eliminate items and considering the main ones only. PS; When I called the Turkish helper to tell him what happened, he said in a very cool voice " you can go look around and shop anywhere else". True, I could and would have done that if I didn't have feet problem that excessive walking and standing cause me severe pain which I had already and would take days before it is gone! That option at this point of pain was out of question. She then dropped the price a bit more twice. I paid in full and the electronics were suppose to be delivered the next afternoon to my place, and they'll call first to decide on the time. I left to catch Iftar at the last minute at my hotel extremely tired. The next morning I called the shop from the hotel and asking the receptionist who speaks English to explain to her that am not taking an item and that am exchanging another and that I should be at the shop in less than an hour. I went to the shop and she got that am exchanging one cook set with another and canceling the grill. She then tells me you can buy the other cook set but you can't return the first one and we can give you money credit for the price of the grill to buy from this shop and this is the shop policy!! The items never left their store! I didn't say much except that just like any country, I expect Turkey as well to have consumer protection agency which I shall contact. She immediately changed her mind and gave me the money they owed me. I know I must have paid over price for what I got from them and yet not sure that my residency will work out and I have payed rent as well with two months security deposit! Lessons for others: 1.never shop before your home is all ready from key to water to electricity and contract of course. Staying extra time at the hotel would be the least expensive price! 2. Trust your gut feeling, if the shop doesn't seem to be the one, even if recommended by someone helpful shop around and see more before buying 3. Don't pay in advance even if they were to bring the stuff the next day, stop by one more time to pay before delivery. If they insist you can pay a small deposit in advance and the rest on delivery. I probably would have thought about all of this if I wasn't in pain and exhausted, so probably you should note this point as well. Am still waiting the money to arrive before I can apply online, and still suffering from my feet!
  14. Hello Ken, For some reason I can't find always the follow icon to get notified when there are new messages! I didn't fix the problem yet because it is pending on my residency! So it will come last! In the application it says purpose for residency and the only available match is tourism! There nothing like retirement or I want to live here thing, so, is it possible thar one keep applying for tourism purpose every year? No one in the forum mentioned the application much. Please let me know if tourism is right, I know am not here for education or job etc. One more thing, do they prefer that you work?? Or have a job? Because as far as my understanding, residents are not allowed to work unless their skills are not matched to any Turkish ones. As you can see am getting a bit worried about the application thing. Regards Hello there Thank you Abdulla, am trying as you can see and I got my ups and downs too. I believe Canakkale applies some how different rules than Turkey in General because it is a military base city, though it is not obvious. For instance a forigner can't buy his own property and it is a very old law. Am not sure if electricity is also different but will try to find out next time I go to the department. But if I am to get electricity at home it'll be under my name. I once read on the forum that a privat health insurance cost 260 TL, and I believe this price is the total cost per month. I bought my insurance on Friday, and to my surprise there was no medical checkup, I filled the application being honest and they raised the average expected fee what's equivelant to ten dollars per month because I mentioned that gluten and lactose cause me bloatation! Well am nearly always avoiding them but I guess I had to pay for that. anyways, it's for one year and it cost me TL 1932,57 Which is $60 per month. And it is a very basic one, no dental or eye or past solved matters or occurring serious illness, etc. Am figuring by next year if one is here, will have learned the language and the place and might be able to get a better deal. One good news is that since Canakkale is not crowded and with hardly any applicants for residency the approximat waiting for an appointment is couple of days .. I hope! Staying in hotels is not my favorite thing!
  15. Well Ken I noticed that they don't know much about process or specific requirements and the order of it in different departments. I also noticed that they for some reason suggest your next step as thinking you will get through it but then you find a missing document pending for number of procedures first, and then they'd tell you 'I didn't know they'll ask for that'. Eventually they didn't deal much or at all with non residents before. I got off on my first share and couldn't continue for some reason, it also omit much of what I wrote after the posted lines, is there a word limit per post here? I kind of hate rewriting so will take a break and continue from the last post end later.
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