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  1. I have health insurance in the Netherlands which is valid here. had to get some special policy documents from my insurance company in the netherlands, which I did, and included. turns out you have to bring those to the SGK office too and get some stamps and signatures Turkey has some healthcare agreements with a few countries (like 15 or something) so I don't imagine a lot of people will run into this problem just to be sure here's what I sent in: - passphotos - copy of old ikamet - (turkish) bank statement - proof of health insurance - proof of accommodation - the documents filled in through the application program - original receipts from the tax office that was it I think, from the top of my head.
  2. i'm not sure if it is required, when I went there to deliver a missing paper the guy that handled my application did want to see my old ikamet, he didn't keep it though. better safe than sorry I literally waited in line for 4 hours just to deliver that missing paper, I wouldn't wish it on you to have to go through the same just to deliver some copies of your old ikamet.
  3. I included copies of my old ikamet (the blue booklet), all the pages that had info on them (4 or so I remember). besides having to wait in line for 4 hours because a document was missing (my fault) everything went sort of smoothly. once everything was done I actually got my new ikamet in the mail in about 2 weeks.
  4. small update: Just got a text message from the migration management. In Turkish. I replied that I don't speak turkish and if they could please send it in English, to which the reply was that they don't speak english. which I find weird since it's a branch of government with the sole purpose of dealing with foreigners... but anyway. it was about the health insurance. if you come from a country which has bilateral health insurance agreements you can use health insurance from your home country. here is a list of countries that have this agreement (and the corresponding name of the form you can ask for at your health insurance). Germany - A/T 11, A/T 12, A/T 23 Austria - A/TR 3, A/TR3-A, TR/A6 The Netherlands - N/TUR 106, N/TUR 111, N/TUR 112 Belgium - BT.8, BT.10 France - SE 208-01; 02; 04; 17; 19; 28; 30 FT, SE 208-05; 18 TF, SE 208-06 AFT, SE 208-06 CFT T. R. N. C. K.K.T.C. / T.C. 3, K.K.T.C. / T.C. 5 Macedonia - MC/TR 4, TR/MC 10 Romania - R/TR 3 Albania - AL/TR 4, AL/TR 10 Bosnia - BH/TR4, BH/TR5 Czech Republic - CZ/TR 111, CZ/TR 112 Luxembourg - L/TR 3 I did get the correct form from my health insurance company back home, however they told me in the text message that I need to get this verified. this was my mistake obviously but I am just writing this all down here so people might not make the same mistake in the future. Please bring the form (mentioned above) that are indicated below and submit it personally to the Social Security Directorate in Istanbul with a copy of your passport The Social Security Directorate/Center will give a paper in return to keep with you. Social Security Directorate Istanbul Address: ISTANBUL SOSYAL GUVENLIK IL MUDURLUGU PURTELAS MAH. MECLISI MEBUSAN CD. NO:43 PK:34427 FINDIKLI just putting this here in case someone else makes use of this arrangement instead of getting turkish health insurance.
  5. you should send the documents through mail (in case of a renewal of the permit). your previous appointment is automatically cancelled. I had my appointment the 20th (2 days after they started using the new system) but still went to the police station. It was a madhouse and they just told everyone to go to the website. I did include the old documents from my previous appointment with all the required documents from the new application. They didn't ask for this but I wanted to be sure they understood that I actually applied for a renewal months ago.
  6. I will just post some screenshots of the page you will get after making an appointment, because i'm sure a lot of people are gonna end up on this forum/topic looking for information. to be clear: this is the page you see for the renewal process, first time applications might give different requirements.
  7. for clarity here is a screenshot of the page you'll see after you've made a renewal appointment. it does not include anything about sending in your old residence permit. if they forgot to add this this would be a tremendous oversight on their part. I guess I'll find out in the coming weeks, not much I can do about it at the moment either. We tried calling to the offices (in ankara and istanbul) multiple times to ask about this but nobody is picking up. which is ridiculous as well.
  8. hey ken. it's borderline ridiculous. I finally went through the whole process (for renewal) and can answer some of your questions: - "Do you scan and upload copies of the originals (as with the photo) during the process?" no. - "Does the system tell you where to mail the documents, or does it tell you where to go personally if necessary?" yes, after completion it tells you. this is probably different for everyone depending on where you live in turkey. -"Does it give you a tracking number that you can add to the document package so they can be associated to the correct online application?" your application is numbered, I don't think there is any way to track it though. -"Can you use a cargo service like DHL instead of PTT?" it explicitly states to send it through PTT express delivery.
  9. hey alen. health insurance: I have health insurance in the netherlands, which is valid here in turkey because of bilateral social agreements. all I had to do was mail my insurance company and they mailed me the policy in Turkish. in the netherlands health insurances only last a year though and get automatically renewed, so it does not cover the whole year I applied for. but it's also not possible/ilegal to NOT have health insurance in the Netherlands, I hope they're aware of this. probably they're not... I'll just see what happens in the next few weeks. money: I just copied a receipt I got from my bank. I am self employed so I don't have a payroll to show even. It should be enough I think. in the end everybody that has to take care of this at the moment is super stressed out but lets not forget this is Turkey and chances are they are not even going to read all the papers fully. they just check if the papers are there, I doubt they will inspect every little detail, especially since they will get a f**k tonne of applications in now and their system is obviously not working fully yet. Also we are renewing, and if we didnt get in trouble the past years I don't think they'll care as much as say a new residence permit application from iraq or syria or something. you catch my drift? this is all guess work though and based on me living in turkey for the past 2 years and seeing how things are usually done here.
  10. yes. got 2 receipts, one for 55 lira and one for 200 something lira (the 80 USD i was supposed to pay). amazing new system isn't it? yeah funny that you mention this. Initially I did put my old residence permit in the envelope, even though it was not in the list of documents. I checked some different websites and it never mentioned anywhere to include it. you'd think they would mention it as it's kind of a big deal. I decided to just keep it and took it out of the envelope, I did include a copy of the permit though. (a copy i initially made to keep myself). we'll see what happens. If they really want it I can always drop it off, though I will murder someone out of frustration on the way there though.
  11. no. not in the renewal page at least. I just sent along the documents I got from my previous appointment with all the rest of the documents, just to be sure.
  12. I paid at the tax office in eminonu. first I tried ziraat bank, they sent us to the tax office in sisane who upon arrival told us to go to the main office in eminonu. you should tell them yourself how much the fees are (the ones at the end of your application procedure). there is obviously not some sort of central system where they can see how much should be paid. anyway, I just got back from arranging all of this and it's on it's way through the mail now. same here, I have never experienced this much incompetence from a governmental organisation in my life. it's embarrassing really.
  13. I seem to have found it, from this site: "In both cases, the fees for the residence permit and the permit card have to be paid at the local departments of finance, provincial fiscal offices, or to any bank with an agreement with the Ministry of Finance." http://www.theguideistanbul.com/news/view/1024/residence-permits-in-istanbul-all-you-need-to-know/
  14. I also just was able to go through the application process (i'm the one that typed the long rant on the other post) Me and my girlfriend (who is turkish) are going to figure out how and where to pay tonight, I'll let you know as soon as we figure it out!
  15. hey guys. I'm new to this forum and figured I'd sign up and share my experience. I have the same problem, yet maybe in a more confusing way. Maybe it sheds some light on the situation, anyway let me tell you what happened to me. A month ago I made an appointment to renew my residence permit through the old system. My permit expired the 19th. the appointment date for my renewal was the 20th. I tried to log into the site the 18th and got the same error messages as the rest here; that my information was not in the system. By chance I saw the news that everything would change on the 18th. I tried to log on to the site and got the same error messages as the rest here; that my information was not in the system. So I went to the police station in beyoglu (where I was to renew my permit) to ask if the application was still being handled by them on the 20th (my appointment date). The guys at the police station didn't know (because why would they know, I mean this is Turkey; nobody knows anything when it comes to these things, as you all have figured by now) but said, just come to your appointment you made it a month ago so everything should be fine. So come wednesday morning I arrived there for my appointment about 20 minutes before the actual time (I'm dutch, this is what we do, don't judge me). we went into the station and the guy at the reception just pointed at a note on the door which said something along the lines of (in sh*tty english): "foreigner department closed go to main station vatan". f**k... on the way there I knew everything was going to be chaos, since the vatan station is a chaos anyway even when you actually have an appointment there, and since all the local offices are apparently closed now there should be an influx of people trying to get their appointment from all over Istanbul there. and lo and behold; it was. the entrance to the building was closed off by ribbons and there were a bunch of guys in suits talking to a massive amount of stressed out people trying to get in. I finally managed to get a hold of one of the guys and he gave me a piece of paper the size of one of those fortune cookie messages. the paper had the URL of the new site on it. Amazing. after telling him that I actually tried to log it didn't work he got out some sh*tty black and white copies of the actual website and tried to explain to me how I should log in. I told him I understand how to log in and that I tried maybe 40 times but that it just keeps saying my info is not in the system. after explaining myself maybe 5 times he finally decided to let me into the building. In the building there was an even bigger chaos than outside. I tried to talk to multiple people there but the answer was always the same: go to the website. go.to.the.website. one dude there did tell me that they were still in the process of migrating the database to the new system, and I should just keep trying. unbelievable.... I mean you'd think they could have figured out to maybe just deal with all the existing appointments first as to not have to deal with a 1000+ angry and confused foreigners a day for the next 3 weeks. Because nobody (including me) got any sort of notification, email or text message about your appointment being cancelled and to go to the website. this means that basically as I type this the same thing is going on vatan now as it did all day yesterday. I mean yes I know this is Turkey and things work different here, but that's no excuse for the sheer incompetence that could have been avoided totally and even be foreseen by any rational thinking person. I just gave up and went home the worst part is, I was there with all my papers in order! I mean, all that had to happen was someone accepting the paper and we could be done with it. this new system is not going to change anything, no new documents required or anything. before typing up this rant I tried logging in again but still no luck. This is the only site that pups up on google when you look for the error message, I'll keep this post in check to see if anyone gets lucky and is able to log in. Good luck to you all! edit: if it's any reassurance to you guys, multiple people I spoke to there assured me that they are aware their system is a mess and that I will not get kicked out of the country (since my residence permit has expired by now). this is obviously not a 100% guarantee, but they know they f**ked up and I don't think they will give the boot to the hundreds of people there yesterday (and the ones to follow in the coming days). edit 2: amazingly after typing up this post I was able to log in and go through the whole process. even though my residence permit expired already. seems like they are still updating the database, so just keep trying!
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