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  1. Guys. My mom got her RP. They approved and sent her RP Card in 2 days. Still can't believe this. Never saw anything like that before.
  2. Once she receives the file, I will let you know of the situation. Hopefully it's a good news!
  3. Ken thanks for the reply. I called to 157 and they gave me the barkod number. They said that they cant specify of what's in it. In PTT's website and it has a status of "HABERLESME/NITELIKLI". It's been sent from Ankara. My mom will buy a ticked and go to Izmir to get it. Hopefully it's not a decline paper or something like that
  4. Hey guys. I have a question. My mom had an appointment for residency. It was 2 days ago and my mom went to Izmır and gave her documents. The same they when i checked from goc.gov.tr there was a status of "değerlendirme aşamasında". Now i looked if there is anything new and it says that they gave it to PTT. How is this possible? Did they indeed accepted her docs and send the card to PTT? Do i understand this right? We didn't receive SMS about the result.
  5. Guys i need an urgent help please. My mom didn't apply to renew her Residency permit. It expired a month ago and now since she lives in Izmir(instead of Istanbul) she wants to apply for residency. What should be the next step? Is it possible to apply for new residency if she didn't apply for extension?
  6. So you have to apply not for renewal but as the first application? Did i get it right?
  7. Guys one question, My mom lives in Istanbul for 5 years with a tourist RP and she has another month until it ends. I suppose there is a big chance that they will not accept to renew her RP now. Can she try to make the renewal in another city? If so, how?
  8. It's starting to get viral on the social media, https://eksisozluk.com/istanbul-il-goc-mudurlugu-rezaleti--5671781 Hopefully Gov. will step up and stop this madness.
  9. Okay i was in Vatan caddesi today. -Forensic record is a must now. They are asking it from everyone. -Your bank account data of the last 6 months is the other must. They said you can print it from your account and that's enough. Now it's seems like i am doomed because i am Armenian and my country doesn't have an embassy in here. My Visa is also expired now, which means i can't just go back to Armenia and take records. Sometimes i am in love with this country and sometimes i hate it. This is the moment when i hate it.
  10. So guys, I went to Bakırköy Göç İdaresi and asked if the rumors are true. They said they are now asking for more documents but there is no such thing as rejecting tourism intended applications. I asked of what kind of documents they are asking additionally, He said, 6 months of data of your bank account and adli sicil kaydı. Now the problem is i don't have any bank accounts, i can open one and can put some cash money on it or i can show the deed of my apartment that i recently bought in my country. Hope that's will be enough.
  11. By the way i just realized that i forgot to write my e-mail adress at the application. Wondering if they are going to send notifications about the process by SMS.
  12. Kabasakal, Two questions, Do you have the same problem? + I took a receipt from my bank for showing my financial situation. Do you think it's enough? Do i need to send my payroll?
  13. KabaSakal hey. I went to Vatan today. They told me that they can't accept foreign currency. So i had to change it to TL and pay them like that. Did you do it the same way?
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