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  1. Thank you for the info Mr AlanFeder , the bottom line is how much did you pay per night which includes bed and breakfast? All the info is great but some people would like to know the cost ?
  2. Thanks a Million I did and i send you a respond . Wasn't sure who send me the email.Now i know. Regards Sam
  3. I got an answer to my question from the Social Security in the USA : I can open an account in any Turkish bank and when i get back to the USA I should go to the nearest SSI office and give them all my bank info so i can get my monthly Social Security funds transferred from the USA to my Turkish Bank.And if any U.S. Citizen needs any questions answered I will be glad to ask the Social Security Administration by phone while I am here . Although they have many questions answered on there site but some are confusing . Again thank you Ken fir moving my post to the right place Gey you are the Man you know the best on where and what to do here at your great site , and trust me I will never get upset if you guys remove some posts because very all do some mistakes . Never saw a human being perfect in this life except the Lord.
  4. Thank you so much sorry i did not see your post till now.But Thanks million. Great i just checked all the channels through the Check channels PDF and thats what i need , I get them all now on a little tiny IPTV Box through the internet where you only need 2GB/S speed.And i was told that the Two boxes will work in Turkey so i will bring them with me, But also will install a NILESAT Dish so i can wire it all over my house. Here in this forum there are many people that i would say VERY HANDY, They know a lot , I do know much about Computers specially Mac(Apple) and hack all the software i need for many things , I do not buy any software as per programs and i get them and install them to work flawless in my new iMAC 5K retina display that i will bring in my final flight on the plane . But Cukurbagli you where very helpful , Please add me as a friend if you like .
  5. I wonder how is the weather in Antalya in Sep ? I would assume that we can still swim ? As in Lebanon it is the last hot month of the summer . Do we need some warm clothes to bring along with us for the evenings ? How humid it gets , and what is the highest tempriture in that month? Will apriciste if anyone will reply to this post as it will help us and will help others .
  6. LUIS1306, Just emailed the Dentist you gave me in LARA but wrong email and is there any other way i can contact her or she can contact me. I anyone knows about any good dentist in Antalya I am open to suggestions , Need a lot of work including my wife so we saved it all for here.
  7. Thank you very much for your great help , I have send her an email hope to hear from her , and I contacted the other place you recommended so will see who can do most of the work in 3-4 weeks time while we are there or most of it as I want to have some time to visit some places and in joy my vacation too , although we've been on vacation since 2007 , retired from work at an early age at 58 . This is one of the very best sites I ever seen , people are great including Ken who goes the Extra mile for you so you get all the help and questions answered. Best regards Samir
  8. I wonder if anyone knows if you can install Nile Sat in Turkey where it is free toad Channels from Lebanon , Egypt , UAE , Etc. It is not a Pay Satellite but we watch all Arabic Channels there Plus CNN and other stations that sends the signal to Nile Sat. We also have the APTV . Which comes through the internet and it has about 1000 Channels and you pay $65.00 a year for subscription where i have Two boxes and will bring with me to Turkey as the LOOL compete the operates them send the signal from Sweden and they told me it works in Turkey but i need Minimum 2GB of internet to get a crystal clear picture. Rather one will work fine , but if Nile Sat is available so i am ok. Regards Sam
  9. Thank you very much luis1306 great news , But for this trip i will be in Antalya for 27 days and need a local Dentist , But when we come back and move for good we will go to this place at is sounds as a great place and worth to try it since you and others recommends it . But for now hope that someone will post where to find a dentist in Antalya .(LOCAL) I booked marked there site THX
  10. Hi everyone , I will be coming to Antalya and have 27 days to spend there and wonder if someone can recommend a good Dentist and reasonable in price ! As here in the USA is way to expensive , I need work done to me and my wife And our Turkish friends said it is very inexpensive in Turkey where I did last time on Egypt where it was real cheap but Turkey is quality verses Egypt . Hope to hear from you Samir
  11. Thank you i wasn't sure but now i know where i am standing except one thing that i will have to call the social security office to see if they bank with a specific bank as they did in Egypt
  12. I will be transferring US Dollars to a Turkish bank and keep them in US Currency , My real question up to what amount the money is secured by the Government. And can I, for instance, if the amount is 50K or overi can open in several banks so my money is secured by the Government?
  13. How fast of an internet speed you can get in Antalya? Do they have any fiber optic services anywhere in the area? How can you be sure of which service you can get and not being cheated by the sellers?
  14. I thank you so much for all your help . At some point my hands are tied , I am searching and searching for a Hotel or a Pension but I am getting very high prices as I know that the Booking companies online takes a big chunk of a commission , Thats why prices are so high ,I have friends here they are Turks and told me once you know the Hotel we can call and reserve it for you , But can't find any since i am not familiar with Antalya , Last time the travel agent booked us in a Hotel that was way too far from town at the Red Sea , Also when we come back for good we would like to stay in a Pension or a place where we do not have to sign a year lease because will be looking for a place to buy , that we are not sure of yet. Ken I would say that you are such a great person , You are doing so much for us here at the Forums , You are a trustful person who is just trying to help . Thanks for so many things that you've already helped me with and thanks for advising how to use the forums. I will be sure to meet once i get there , I have some Friends father who is retired from the University as a professor not sure what who will try helping us and showing us around so will get a better idea where to buy a House so when we come back sell our house here transfer our money to Turkey and it takes sometime to register the house and move in at least 3 months , thats was my understanding and avoiding many expenses that are unnecessary . But my main thing is my medical , If i would not be able to get medical i will never ever move from the U S A as I had to pay Thousands of Dollars in Lebanon , The insurance was very expensive over $3700.00 a year and did not cover anything we just got screwed and lost our money Then in Egypt i had to pay as well for all my medical and the Health and Doctors are horrible there can't ever explain it to anyone.
  15. Thank you Ken but tell you what the rates are $88,00 and up. I will try to book a Hotel with my plane Tickets after i get my Residence Visa , It will take about a month from now it has to go to Ankara and get back to me. But I really gave up cause I know that for $40-$50 i can get something decent, As all booking sites makes real big commission on your booking and most says one available to book for September which i do not trust them. I will keep searching till i get my Visa then i will book although wish i can get out now because it is 118 and up in heat here, Cant leave home it is so hut here in the desert of Las Vegas. I thank you for your help and if you see something in the downtown area close to within walking distance please let me know. One thing you never got back to me was the Medical by the SGK about asking them if i can get it in my age 66 years old ? When ever you have a chance just a reminder. It is very important to me if can't get insurance i will never think about moving as you know we are used and it is a must to be insured.
  16. Good news hope you did a good decision. When I move I will see what's good to me and my money and if I have to I will move to the place that I can afford and love good as you did. And I will check out the city you moving to and read about it , after you get settled please keep me posted on how things goes ! I wish you a safe trip and all the best and Ramadan Karim.
  17. Is this Hotel close to the Centre of Antalya downtown? Is it within walking distance to most places or far as LARA Hotel? Hope that thongs are going better with you .
  18. I know what you feel , it is not easy to move from a country to another . You just need a good support as a person by your self . I did this move tens of times in my life alone but fir the last 8 years we have been moving me and my wife so much that I really got depressed at some point. All you need is good people around you to support you , as I said be wise don't let you feelings play , just use your head and brains as many people are to get your money ! This is from my experience for years but I learned it on my own when at the Red Sea in Egypt a big respectful bank like Bank Audi of Lebanon who operates in Egypt made me lose $35000.00 lying to me by the time I did the impossible I took my money out of Egypt. Stay a few more days in the Hotel till you will be sure where to rent , try talking to Ken the American guy he looks very helpful and 100% trusted person , see what he suggests, do not make fast decisions that you will be sorry about . The only reason I am writing you I really know what you feel I understand you a lot that's why I will be visiting taking my time before I do the big move , rent for a while then buy a house settle down in the area we will both think we love . Always don't rush into things that will make you feel sorry later since it is more depressing later .
  19. Glad you made it safe to Turkey , Good you got out of Egypt to a better place to live than Egypt . Now I suggest that you take your time to find a place to rent a place that you would feel that it is your home , so don't rush as I searched a lots of places are available for rent . As I will visit and when I visit I will look around in September and in my final move I will Rent and take my time to buy a house and settle down. Wish you all the best , Think very well before doing any steps as you are new there .
  20. Ken i tried and most are giving me from Seep 3rd 2015 till the 30 th unavailable, very strange , But i will keep trying to book and will try close to the center of Antalya.
  21. When visiting Turkey does anyone knows which bank the USA Social Security does an Automatic Payment to ? Like other countries where i had my monthly social security transferred every 3rd of the month to my account ? This question maybe should be answered by a retired US Citizen . I looked up the SS site but it only shows Turkey is one of the countries included in direct deposit cause other countries like Lebanon is not you have to go get your check every month at the embassy and deposit it and wait for three weeks till funds are available . Regards Sam
  22. Thank you will try , but not sure if I can find a Hotel for $50.00 a night for 21 Days or a bit higher but safe and nice . I will keep searching as I want to be in the center close to walking distance from all places not to waste time traveling cause I know 21 days is not much but I have to do many things in these days as I will write from A-Z what and where. To be and to do . But please which town center I have to look for , Lara hotel says 0.9 Mole from center looks like there center . But what and where is the main center of Antalya you referring to ? Thanks Ken Hope to meet for a drink when I get there. Sam
  23. I will be looking for a Villa to buy but meanwhile want to take my time so I can get the best deal and a house that I would love to buy and live in. What a two bedroom apartment would run me a month? It doesn't have to be in the center of town. I would say in a quiet place because I will buy a car so I can look around for a place to buy . Mainly monthly rental month to month and what other expense do I need to expect ?
  24. Sure will. That's what I was planning on, but now for 21 or 26 days stay is just to check out if me and my wife will like it over there. If it was Istanbul I would have moved right away cause I know Istanbul and lived there. If we both like it will come back sell our house and still go back rent till we find the house we love and buy it and settle down. But as per jobs, it looks like Antalya has a better opportunity than Alanya.
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