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  1. hi. sorry to answer late. just now checked the forum. i faced the same issue at DENIZ BANK. although the bank centeral telephone assistant approved me but the bank denied me for opening a vadeli account. so i decide to change it do Swiss Frank & euro and keep it at my home. in my opinion, such a racist behavior by Turkish gov against Iranian civilians doesn't worth any kind of investment in here.
  2. salam


    pm dadam bekhun

  3. hi there about one year ago i asked a same question from an ING branch at my city. the answer was NO. regardless the type of resident permit if you are thinking about o constant salary by depositing money ask the Deniz BANK too. https://www.denizbank.com/hesaplama-araclari/vadeli-mevduat-hesaplama.aspx nice interest rate .actually i am curious too find a good bank with good interest rate.
  4. thank you all my friends if some other people have any experiences related to the subject share it with us.
  5. i have a zirrat bankasi account with its VISA card. my problem is where and how i can get my VAT number? my vergi number is a 10 digit number start with 326029**** is it my VAT number too?
  6. last night i wanted to order a wrist watch cost about 20$ from www.dhgate.com i was asked to enter my VAT number who has a idea what this VAT is? is it a number same to my TCKN/VKN?
  7. Hi all i am gonna buy some goods from chinese web sites as WISH or ALIEXPRESS. We just pay the product price online and the ship it to us. it is usually possible to choose free shipping to turkey. okey. Now what will happen for delivery? does the post agent bring it to my mentioned address at my home door? Should i have to pay some more money to him? or i should go somewhere like PTT or Cargo and pay Tax or KDV or something like those to receive my box? i hope you answer me "such a delivery is completely free in turkye";-) My good is wirstwatch and bicycle bag which cost less than 100$
  8. it is so frustrating. i supposed Turkey a free country
  9. not a expensive one for finding treasure. i am going to buy a very common metal detector. something like Minelab Go find40 it worths about 500 Turkish lira. and i'm gonna use it as something for pleasure and fun. what is your idea? can i search and dig round the rivers or beaches or idle farms? if you have any experience about this matter plz share me. only a few people own their land and farm in civil areas!
  10. in a especial period of time i was seeking for a credit card or debit card or any kind of prepaid card. i checked with many banks. but they ask me if i have stable job with insurance in turkey. even for debit card!! finally i had to forget about it. btw in my homeland country, IRAN, a rate of 15-17% is very common
  11. hi all how is the laws for the people who are interests in buying and using metal detectors? i just saw the banner at top of the forum by google. http://www.depardedektor.com this web site. 1-can everyone buy a metal detector? even foreigners? 2-could we dig where ever as i we desire? 3-if we found something worthy what will happen?
  12. hi i guess the rates are different from city to city. for instanse, in capital Ankara or metropolitan istambul the prices are higher than little city like nefşehir. but a precise answer would be given by a citizen. any turk person in here?
  13. Hi all it is about 5 month that i am living inside the turkiye. but still don't know about a matter. Is turkiye domestic pipeline water drinkable? as i try it there is no taste and smell but some people say it is harmfull for your health to drink domestic water and try to use only mineral water? what is the best?
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