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  1. good afternoon Ken, I'm wondering if you, or anyone else perhaps knowing more too, have any more updates on the position of working online in Turkey, receiving payment from a foreign company (in this case Germany). I am now also in this position and it's not nice really knowing if one is working legally or not! Any information greatly appreciated. Jade
  2. If you are looking for something to do in Antalya why not think about joining the International Sisters of Antalya? This is the info I got about them when I went to the Christmas Bazaar last Sunday: "The aim of our organization is to bring Turkish women and women from other countries together and to help them to get to know each other and each other's culture through several activities in which their familes can also participate..... Amongst the activities of the association there are social events which makes it possible for the members and their families to get to know each ot
  3. I definitely think you should choose Antalya. I lived in several places - like Istanbul, Cesme, Fethiye...before moving to Antalya in 1998. You will definitely not get bored in Antalya! There's always something going on.There are several expat-clubs here too which are fun to attend. Then there are the festivals - guitar festival, piano festival, film festival, beer festival etc as well as theatre, opera, ballet (if you're into that kind of thing). Kundu is on the outskirts of Antalya where all the tourist hotels are located. The beach is fantastic and never gets crowded. Apart from Ku
  4. I'm pretty sure you WON'T get anything cheaper on a private health scheme. I looked into this thoroughly before I joined the state health system here in Turkey last February.
  5. hi there, yes, I agree with Hobbit here. Going to court is VERY FRUSTRATING - my court case has been running for years, it costs money and even more strong nerves. The judicial system here is extremely slow. Sometime only brute force helps to solve things here I'm afraid.
  6. hi there, it looks as if you're looking for property in Istanbul but if you are looking for something in Antalya, please contact me - contact details below.
  7. I just wanted to post this info to stop some people worrying when the details on their tapu don't tally up with the info on their contract. This week, and after thorough check-ups on a property we sold many months ago, the new owner of an apartment found that she couldn't register the electricity and water bills in her name because the info on her tapu was different to the info at the electricity and water boards respectively. She was told to go to the Murat Pasa Belediyesi in Lara, Antalya to get the address changed. I can understand that the lady in question panicked because she wa
  8. For newcomers to Turkey I thought the following article might be of interest to you. State health insurance application made simple After many expats were put off joining the SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) – Turkey’s state health insurance – last year because of teething problems and a complicated application process, now things have improved and a much more streamlined sign-up system is in place. A brave couple who were keen to get to the bottom of the situation armed themselves with a Turkish friend as a translator and headed to the newly opened SGK office in Didim. And here’s w
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