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  1. Hi Thanks for your email. We have been together for nearly 5 years. I have met all of his family apart from his mother. I don't know if he has cold feet to be honest. When i spoke to his sister, she thinks its a mark of respect for his mother....... regards
  2. Hello All I wonder if you can help me please........ My partner is Turkish and I'm English, we were due to get married in 5 weeks time but sadly his mother has passed away. He has been in turkey for several weeks caring for his mother. Our wedding has been cancelled but when I enquired about a new date, he has advised me that he can not get married for a further 9 months to a year, something about a local custom where he lives, (Ankara/Akasary)Sorry if I’m being rude but i don’t understand this especially as my partner has lived in the uk for 20 years, surely he would not need to carry ou
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