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  1. My mistake I wrote that wrong. What I meant was they immediately think I'm rolling in money and try to be friends for that reason. Clearly I've given the wrong impression here as nobody really understood the question I don't think. I hope I may be able to simplify it somewhat. Does anybody here know of an employer currently looking for somebody who speaks English? Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Honestly after my experience today why is everyone blaming me? I just came back from speaking with 'Iskür' oddly enough I spoke directly with the head of Iskür so I was optimistic but he broke things down to me pretty straight forward. I suggested possibly working in tourism he told me you'd have to know places like Antanlya or Izmir like the back of your hand and that I'd get odd requests like where to find a escorts etc from party going youth which is something I won't involve myself in thanks. I suggested working in a bank in the English speaking department (call centre \ helpline etc) he told me I'd need a degree in banking to go into that. I suggested being a translator, he noted that my Turkish wasn't the best and not to hope for anything like that and again even if I'd need some kind of Diploma for that too as nobody cares anymore if your mother language is English. I mentioned teaching he again reminded me I need a specific degree for that regardless. Lastly I suggested working at a hotel of some sorts but he pointed at me and he honestly told me that they have a specific 'look' hotels look for and that I just don't fit the category (I understood what he meant by that so not a bother.) Now after all this what the hell is it everyone here is telling me is doable? If the main man himself is telling me to give up.... And need I remind you guys that I don't know anybody here for a good reason.... Every person I meet and tell them I'm from England wants to be my friend very quickly whilst reaching for my wallet. I'm sure everyone here knows what I mean by that. I just renewed my rent for one month for 1000 lira including the emlakci fee which has reduced my total monetary to 7000 lira and in the current exchange rate that is cringe worthy. Unless someone can say that there is a job available for me I can do, there genuinely is no reason left to stay here. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Thanks Hobbit for the replies. Regarding teaching, as I said I'm assuming I'd make a terrible teacher, so I really have put that idea to the back of my head for now. My original intention was to find out if anyone here actually knew anyone personally or may have heard of a job that I may be able to do and put my in touch with said persons etc. I really am a stranger in Turkey and I am having some significant trust issues with everybody. My 'emlakci' for example is now trying to con me knowing the position I'm in, but I'm just playing dumb for now I have no other choice. I really have no idea where to turn or where to start. If I can't figure something out in the next few weeks I'm just going to return back to England and call it a life experience well learned. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Hobbit for the reply. I apologise in advance for my spelling the Turkish keyboard is a tough kitten to get used to. My Turkish is excellent however my vocabulary is half baked at best. I continuously ask 'what does that mean?' etc... However I do find myself laughing at subtitles on TV shows and movies as they can be very poorly written sometimes, so my Turkish is not as bad as I think I suppose. Regarding ideas such as B&B's... wouldn't they require capital to begin? I only have enough money remaining for basic essentials at the moment and it is worrying me. I have many ideas that would generate a healthy income but sadly they all require a significant investment which I can only dream of at the moment so that's out of the question. In fact that is the only reason I moved here, thinking I can double my savings and begin with that. Honestly all I need is help finding the tip of the string, the rest should come easy without much help. Someone for example mentioned going to the SSK\SGK or Iskür etc and asking them but I'm not sure how they can help me in my situation. Everyone in this country asks for diploma's for everything. Thanks again!
  5. Hey, I'll try to keep this short and sweet to cut through any unnecessary drama. Some years back an investment “opportunity” arose from family members. The idea was that after 15 months I'd get double my investment if I helped them out. They were so sure of themselves and pretty convincing on how easy it will be and what not, I handed over 65,000 pounds of my hard earned savings and thought happy days. Thinking the investment would pay off I passed up a job promotion (albeit not fancy but still) on top of which I left my job and packed up and headed on down here. This was 2 years ago. However upon arriving, it seems that all was not so glorious and that they had blown through most of the total investment on pointless things like a bunch of brand new cars and flash offices that were not necessary. Sadly they spent more time and money trying to 'look' the business instead of actually doing business. I got royally screwed through poor judgment and terrible understanding of how things worked in Turkey and it seems I won't be seeing that money ever again and I have simply grown to accepted that. Their blatant recklessness was discussing. Anyway, Life lesson learned. Long story short, I have some money remaining enough to get me through maybe another 6 months. I was planning on moving back to England and just starting from scratch but knowing I have to do that is really hurtful.... starting from shared flats and bedsits is just something I can't bare the thought of to be honest. With the current exchange rates, I'd only have 2 months worth of rent upon returning if that and that's a scary thought as no job in guaranteed for me there. My question is, is there anything I can do in Turkey? I was thinking possibly being a teacher but I'd make a terrible teacher, then I thought of being some kind of translator but would have no idea where to start. Then I thought maybe some kind of desk job that requires English? I mean it would be terribly wasteful to know English so well and fail to put it to use. Possibly based in tourism or working at a company that requires native English speakers for inport \ export goods etc. FYI, I am a Turkish citizen, and I have a kimlik so I'm certain a work permit won't be needed and or the red tape that's associated with that. I also have no issue with relocating anywhere in the country. I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get. Many thanks!
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