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  1. Ken and Eglegal. Wow, many thanks for your help. I certainly have some great links there in regards to recruitment and your comments on Female sales staff Ken makes sense and puts my mind at ease somewhat. I suppose what I'm looking for maybe an upmarket kitchen company or the equivalent in some other field of direct sales that makes outbound calls to well off members of the public rather than business to business. Wherever they buy their data/leads from will be a good place to start. Their must be lists of Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Bankers..... Just about any profession in fact, for
  2. Hi to everyone, my name is Amber, I’m British and live in TRNC. I’ve been asked to set up a direct sales company in Turkey for a UK firm looking to tap into the Turkish market. I don’t speak any Turkish but the Sales people I hire will need to, as well as perfect English in order to be able to understand me whilst training them. Where does anyone kind enough to be reading this post suggest I look for these bi lingual employees, typically between 21 and 30? I won’t be using recruitment consultants as the ones in the UK are bad enough and wouldn’t spot a sales professional in a million years.
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