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  1. Hi Kassia, I can't offer much advice but I can say don't worry you're not alone. My RP expired on the 15th due to the new system change overs. If you think a lawyer can help you talk to a few immediately, preferably someone who is an immigration specialist. But beware you may receive empty hope even from them. I'm going to go to the new bureau this week and see what they have to say about my situation. I had a randevu setup for July in the old system, my only problem is I have been planning to goto the states for a couple of weeks for work purposes in June or early July. Good luck to you.
  2. Yes I received the same thing, just don't provide an email address and it will pass through.
  3. Try using google chrome or firefox. It looks like there's a problem with the server returning the available dates. Js console shows: TypeError: model.data[0] is undefined. Whoever pushed the most recent build broke stuff.
  4. Sorry for the late response. I'm an existing RP holder but I've been trying the new application link.
  5. Maybe its just my luck, but I've tried Monday, yesterday and today without success. The new user interface is much better than the older one. I've used firefox and chrome, (I can't even get passed "Type of Application" page in Internet explorer) and I get stuck at the calendar page. As of now the only selectable date is May 22, so perhaps its all full for this week. The new process does look promising once all the kinks are worked out, so I'm staying really positive and appreciative. :-)
  6. In Istanbul the times vary by district. I think for Vatan (the main Emniyet) the window is between 9am-12pm).
  7. Hi I would like to contact you. I'm in a similar situation and I'm also African. Do you have an email or skype or something? IMO its not worth it, she most likely won't change. Run while you can.
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