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  1. Hello all, in fact i have to register to this site just to comment on this topic. Actually i am facing same thing with you, i have been dating a Turkish girl for about a year and some months now and i can't remember any week we don't fight. All the things you said she did to you has been done to me like deleting me on Facebook and instagram and deleting my pictures, she is so jealous and picks up fight at any little thing that should be normal and that really gets on my nerves i just feel frustrated some times and wonder if she is possessed by some evil spirit. The truth is that i love her and i really want to marry her but her attitude (OMG) is something else. she doesn't want me to socialize with people but she has a whole lot of friends both male and female and she hangs out with them which i see nothing wrong with because its normal but in my own case she will accuse me of all sort of things. She can make a good house wife and a good mom from what i see in her but just her level of jealousy and attitude pisses me off. By the way i am Nigerian and she has no problem with my skin color unlike most turkish girls and i am sure she loves me but she is just trying to limit my social life and has indirectly made me lose most of my friends, i don't even go out that much to socialize with my peers and do normal activities every human being should be doing. I have her pictures and the ones we snapped together all over my Facebook but each time she accuses of cheating even when i have no intentions about that. This is really disturbing for me and a kinda crazy for me to think about. I was just trying to learn about Turkish girls when i saw your post and it just seems exactly with what i am facing. But to my observations i think the problem is their religion and culture, they are not quite sociable even though when they like something they can not do it or go for it because of their culture unlike western European girls or Americans even where i come from girls don't get this jealous, its just normal to have female friends and that doesn't mean you doing anything bad with them.
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