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  1. Not realy. You get the right and dept about inheritance on the time your father death. But you can not to use the right before Transaction. If you are not interested in the property, best way seems you and your siblings reject the inheritance by getting a court decision.
  2. Hi , Turkish inheritance law applies to real estate in Turkey. Heritage of deceased passed to his legal heirs if who dies without a will. A quarter of the heritage will belong to his spouse. The rest share will belong to his children equally. However, transaction are not automatic. You must obtain a certificate of inheritance and apply to the tapu (property title deed) center for registration. If you do not want the your share you must have a decision from the court that you refuge the inheritance. Or you may transfer the your share to your stepmother. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to ask by sending e mail to [email protected]
  3. Hello My answer is yes, he may go to prison. But there are sone strict conditions and time out. In case of 90% not punished.
  4. [email protected] Phone +905322776716 Sabahattin Yılmaz (Attonet at law)
  5. Hı You need to hire a lawyer Who Will apply to the register office and fınd out if your husband married with someone else.
  6. Hi You can get the certificate from register office. But you need some information. Name citizenship number or father's and Mother' s name ect. If you have not got information It is better you get some servis from a lawyer.
  7. You sould apply to a lawyer who works on intellectual propety
  8. Hi You can register your idia. There are different ways depend on the country you live. Also You can demand nondisclousure agrement. Good luck Sabahattin Yilmaz (Attorney at Law)
  9. Hi, I do not have specific information about the status of your region. However, I can give you a very general information. City Transformation Code has given authority and responsibility to the owner. However, if one area or single building is in the risk of earthquakes, the ministry or municipality directly take responsibility. Even just one owner can apply to the competent bodies and ask a report whether the building in risk or not. If the building is in risk according to the report, you should to knock it down. After the required time periods and procedures if the owners do not knock it down, themselves, this task is carried out by the municipality. After knocking down, owners can decide by 2/3 majority about how to use the land. (Rebuilt, sell, make an agreement with a constructer ect) The Share which is belonging to the owner who do not wish to participate in the decision, will be sold to the other owners. The selling price is determined by the ministry. If nobody do not want to buy it, the ministry will buy and be shareowner.
  10. Abi, you are completely right. You can not leave the army before to complate 15 years service. Otherwise you have to pay compansation for the expenses, had been paid by army during your education. I've heard that there is an attempt to reduce the time to 10 years.
  11. The date of amendment is 2.11.2004.
  12. Hi; First of all, No need to worry about it as long as you are not a spy The law was amended. Becouse some officer misused this law to leave the army without compansation payment. According to new law, you can marry nonturkish girl but after you marry you have to apply to the army to get approve your marriage. After investigation If the army approve your marriage, no problem. If the army find some evidence that an officer souldn't get married with you , your husband is deemed to have resigned from the army. The investigation takes long time, but you will be married during that time and the army almost allways approve the marriages. If you need more information please do not hesitate to ask.
  13. Hi; According to Turkish -International Civil Code, article 13, Both parties are foreign nationals inhabitant in Turkey can divorce in Turkey. But the applicable law has to be the wife-husband joint foreign national law. Afterward, You need to registrate your divorce in England. For the registration of divorce in England, you have to get the decision of recognition of Turkish court decision. The decision of recognition must be get from England's Courts. If you would like to divorce in Turkey, you have to apply the family court in your domicile.
  14. Hi;I am sorry to hear heart broken event that you had experienced. I think you sould find an english speaking and qualified lawyer in divorce law. The lawyer sould draft a divorce agrement acording your settlement. Than it can be translate in english and sign by parties in the notary. If you apply to the court with this agrement you will not incur any surprise. Whereby the divorce will be complate by the contract, you can apply any court in Turkey. If you decide to apply to the court in İzmir, I would please to help you in accordance that you had mention. Good Luck
  15. Hi;Theoretically you can. But I do not advice to do. When you need to register your mariage in other country you may have problem.
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