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  1. Hello My answer is yes, he may go to prison. But there are sone strict conditions and time out. In case of 90% not punished.
  2. [email protected] Phone +905322776716 Sabahattin Yılmaz (Attonet at law)
  3. Hı You need to hire a lawyer Who Will apply to the register office and fınd out if your husband married with someone else.
  4. Hi You can get the certificate from register office. But you need some information. Name citizenship number or father's and Mother' s name ect. If you have not got information It is better you get some servis from a lawyer.
  5. You sould apply to a lawyer who works on intellectual propety
  6. Hi You can register your idia. There are different ways depend on the country you live. Also You can demand nondisclousure agrement. Good luck Sabahattin Yilmaz (Attorney at Law)
  7. Dear Micmatnic First of all No need to be pessimistic. Please accept this situation as a surprise gift from your mother, and enjoy it. Being citizen or complete military service is NOT related to be heir. Even you do not need to come to Turkey to complete the procedure. You do not indicate in what way the real estate sold. But I guess that , your mother was a shareholder of a property and other shareholders initiate a lawsuit in order to sell it by a court decision. In this case the court will sell it and will portion out according to their share. We called this case "Ortaklığın giderilmesi davası" My advice is immediately give a power of attorney to a lawyer in Turkey. The lawyer will get a court decision about heirs of status then he will be involved in the ongoing trial or the selling process. By the way, There are exemptions from the tax on inherited goods. For this reason, you will never have to pay taxes. Do not hesitate for further questions. Regards Sabahattin Yılmaz
  8. Hi, I do not have specific information about the status of your region. However, I can give you a very general information. City Transformation Code has given authority and responsibility to the owner. However, if one area or single building is in the risk of earthquakes, the ministry or municipality directly take responsibility. Even just one owner can apply to the competent bodies and ask a report whether the building in risk or not. If the building is in risk according to the report, you should to knock it down. After the required time periods and procedures if the owners do not knock it down, themselves, this task is carried out by the municipality. After knocking down, owners can decide by 2/3 majority about how to use the land. (Rebuilt, sell, make an agreement with a constructer ect) The Share which is belonging to the owner who do not wish to participate in the decision, will be sold to the other owners. The selling price is determined by the ministry. If nobody do not want to buy it, the ministry will buy and be shareowner.
  9. Welcome to our forum, Your question about limits of free will. A testamentary disposition is valid if the deceased has acted within the "disposable portion". Disposable portion is the portion of a person's property, in which he is free to dispose of by will either to legal beneficiaries or to third parties other than his legal heirs. The reserved porsion can not be subject for dispose by will. The surviving spouse participates in the estate with every parantel in different portion, with the first parantel ( descendant, cilhd or their descandents) he or she takes 1/4th, with second parental( acsendants, father, mother or their descandent) 1/2th,with the third parantel( grand mother, grand father or their descandant ) 3/4th Descendent, child, grandchild ect, has a reserved portion 1/2th their statutory share Ascendents, father and mother has a reserved portion is 1/4 th their statutory share.Because of the amendment, dated 2007, sisters and brothers have not reserved portions. As a result, I suggest you sign an egreement of inheritance with the parents.Thus, their heritage will be transferred to you . This agreement must be made in public notary. If you have further questions, pease don't hesitate to ask
  10. Hi, It is good question. It is legal, becouse it is about been nationality. You set a company in turkey. The nationality of your company will be Turkish Nationality. Your company does not need working permission to deal in turkey. But if your self (as a person) want to work in turkey, you are not turkish and need a work permission.
  11. Hi; Yes, it is legal and no problem.
  12. Hello,I am sorry for your mother. The best way to solve your problem you should give a power of attorney to a turkish lawyer. Who can pursue liquidation prosses about your mother assets.Regards
  13. If you really need a appostile stamp, you can only obtain appostile stamp from your own consulate located in the nearest of the transaction (Marriage). An appostile stamp means that the transaction is valid, because it's perfomed by competant body of the foreign country.
  14. Hello, Your account and your pension can not be seized for your husband dept. This is beyond doubt that your account and your pension is in the safe. But your household furniture can be seized if you live together. Becouse of the legal presumption The furniture will be assumed to belong to the deptor, where the place in he lives. You can disprove the presumption by some evidence. But It will take long time and will not prevent seize until the court decision. I hope everything will be ok soon. Please do not hesitate your further questions. S.Yılmaz
  15. Hello, I think no need to worry about the assets in England. According to Turkish Code of İnternational Civil Law, article 14, "The spouses may choose which law would be implement on their marriage assets , resident law or national law. If they had not choosed any of the laws, their joint national law will be implement since they are in tne same national in the time of the marriage. If they are not in the same national at the time of marriage, the comman resident law will be implemen on their marriage assets. If they have not got any comman resident in the time of marriage, the law of the place where the location of the marriage assets, will be implement on marriage assets" So I think that your sister and her husband situation is suitable only to last sentence. So English law will be implement on her assets even your sister apply to the Turkish Court to divorce. By the way, when you file a suit for divorve,the court can't deside about marriage assets in the divorce case. After finalization of the divorce case you have to file a suit about marriage assets. Regards.
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