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  1. Hi, I dont know, I was given a tracking number after interview to check (nvi.govtr) so I will be looking...probably everyday for the next few months! I know weather has been awful this Winter!
  2. Lol I know she was looking for clothes so I wasnt that bothered about that. Only hubby was at work so couldn't help me Arrrgghh! She asked me same questions:- Do you speak/understand Turkish? When/where did you meet husband? Do you have children? Turks are obsessed with kids! (the dreaded question for me!) I should have just said no but me being me felt the need to explain myself. So I told her about my multiple miscarriages & that we have in fact also tried IVF (she asked for proof!) luckily, I had 5 years of misery documented in the form of hospital reports to show her. I just find it insane to even question the validity of marriage between Brit & Turk, do people think I'm living here for the fun of it!!! If my hubby agreed we'd be on a plane tomorrow! Oh Sod's law I had been ill do my house was a mess!!! I can just imagine what she wrote on notes...is a slob and cannot reproduce!!! Lol
  3. Thank you Ken inşallah kimlik alıyorum. Update!!! Thank you Ken inşallah kimlik alıyorum. Update!!! Grr I can't use phone to post reply. I had a home visit this morning, they asked same questions, checked house & looked in wardrobes!!!
  4. Haha I know! Luckily, I went in with hubby but I can speak enough Turkish to answer all the questions that were asked of me(I checked with him when we left lol!) Some interviews took ages though so I had time to build up anxiety waiting! Grrr. Same here...5 dudes including military sitting drinking tea & coffee. Mine was in Hatay x ps I even sat in car on way there trying to learn the words to the national anthem(I'd read somewhere they ask you that) & I was fully prepared to launch into song if needed haha they would have stopped me after first line...guaranteed
  5. Hi, Questions: Can you speak/understand Turkish? Where did you meet your husband? What is your husbands parents names? Do you have children? Can you make Turkish coffee? Do you see your husbands parents often? Do you love your husbands parents? Names of husbands siblings Is she muslim(directed to partner) Names of my parents(directed to partner) Names of my siblings(directed to partner) Have you visited my home country(directed to partner) Do my parents visit(directed to partner) Lasted less than 5 minutes
  6. 10 months Grrr my phone is not posting my full reply!? Were you given a tracking number? Was it of any use? I presume it will just be updated when decision has been made? Did you have to collect from main office or was it posted? Thankyou
  7. Hi, Thanks for your replies! I'm selling a few items & was looking to find out more about how I would receive payment. I'm presuming they charge comission based on value? Has any sold anything this way? Thanks
  8. I had citizenship interview today...so happy it's out of the way! I worried myself silly for nothing! Has anyone received their Turkish Citizenship ID Card (kimlik) & can comment how long it took? Thanks
  9. Hi Oops! Something happened there it posted twice (sorry) but didn't actually post my question. Can someone please advise on how kapida odeme with ptt works? Thankyou
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