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  1. Just tried to get an access to medical clinic for drug refills Tricare said month ago they stopped escorting to medical. Retirees no longer allowed on base period.
  2. Now this makes sense, when I was there as an Interpreter we had a similar issue about the bottle water, US Commander cut the water for TURAF personnel and cause of that Turkish Commander did not allow to exercise out of Mersin waterways I had to interfere and make both sides happy. Well hopefully they solve this problem soon reason my kids has an allergy medicine that we get from the base pharmacy and clinic's pediatric Dr. is awesome. They also stopped the Taxi service on base before after the grocery we were be able to call the taxi to pick up our grocery to vehicle we leave off base, now we
  3. Flinstone, Thanks for sharing the info I read the post on AB home page, looks like they are taking this pre serious, but nothing here is a set stone I am sure U.S commanders and OIC are doing best for us retirees, one thing we learned while in military was we take care our own don't leave nobody behind so hopefully we get some results soon.
  4. Retirees are always soft target that's why we should make an association and demand our rights, just like being active duty when we used to sign page 13 notifying for consequences if you do something unlawfully, this is my two cents.
  5. Hi Ken and rest, They just banned the military retirees again using the facilities can't even go to medical/denatl anymore as I heard from a tricare person handles the gate passes.
  6. Hello, I am not really sure how many retired personnel in Adana or how many people are interested with this new topic but this is just an information to those retirees out there. As a retired military personnel we had a base privileges to use commissary and BX, exception of ration items as hard alcohol and gas since October 2013, and as of last week they banned access to the base for all retired personnel including use of the medical facilities, when I asked the question why was this happening they said a few that caught of doing black marketing and new Turkish base commander has changed t
  7. Ken, last I checked there is still a curfew Cinderalla liberty, and military not allow to live off-base, but I agree with the rest.
  8. Just like Meral said you can find out from your Turkish embassy and request for extension I had to do mine from NY when I used to reside in FL, I am sure you can check out their web site to find more detailed information.
  9. Mandatory Turkish military has 2 choices if you have a university diploma 6 month as a soldier and other is 12 months as a junior officer with pay, I am not sure what advice would be given to you other than find a job or hobby to keep yourself busy, good luck.
  10. Hello, I am a US Navy retired veteran who lives in Adana, I am wondering if there is a association if not we can create one to help fellow retirees talk about our rights etc.
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