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  1. My fiancé and I have been together for over 8 months and are very much in love. We met in Istanbul; my partner is Turkish, whilst I am a British citizen. My fiancé lives in Istanbul, with a very good job (Revenue manager earning over 100,000 Turkish Lira / annum). I live in London, and also have a good job that pays £120,00/annum. We want to be together, and as I have a child, we will be settling in London. My partner has visited me in London a number of times, with a visitor visa - and will be coming again on March 20th. I have 2 questions: Should we get married in Istanbul and then apply for a spouse visa in the UK? If so, I believe we apply for this when in Turkey after we get married? Should we switch my boyfriends visitor visa to a fiance visa when he is next in the UK? If so does this mean he is free to go back and fourth from Istanbul to the London until we are married. Does he have to apply for the spouse visa from the UK? I am also interested to know, if anyone could advise on the premium one day spouse and fiance visa service offered through the UK Government. Thank you!
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