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  1. Cukurbagli, thank you, can you give me a hint where can I find a link to the N. Cyprus customs authorities. Or maybe there is a forum like yours?
  2. I am a dual Russian/American citizen and new to this forum. I had recently bought an apartment in TRNC near Famagusta and now am in process of getting the residence permit as a retired person. For my transportation needs I intend to buy an electric tricycle from China, something like this: < http://sdsddzkj.en.alibaba.com/product/1990552129-213919237/Electric_tricycle_for_passenger_BD_market_.html > or like this: < http://gfxiaoni.en.alibaba.com/product/1982080408-212113644/Bajaj_style_electrics_passenger_tricycle_three_wheels_60V.html>. There are several questions which I will appreciate to find the answer to: 1. When the brand new vehicle arrives in Famagusta Harbour, can I drive it straight out of there 12 km to my home, or I must first get registration and insurance? Obviously the vehicle straight from the Chinese factory will have neither of those. 2. Which kind of certification papers must have this vehicle in order to be registered and insured in North Cyprus? The Chinese can provide CE and/or EEC certiications. Who can tell me, are these certifications acceptable for TRNC registration authorities, Which one is better and what is the difference between them? 3. Who can give me an idea about the taxes which will be required for registering and insuring the ELECTRIC vehicle (no harmful gas emissions) without gasoline motor (1 KW electric motor)? 4 Will my California Driving License be valid in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus? Or maybe no driving license will be needed for a 3-wheel carriage with a 1-KW motor, can it be equalled to a recreation gadget like a bicycle?
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