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  1. How does one go about getting a English teaching job in Turkey? I've heard the best thing to do is just to fly to Istanbul and begin looking, but wouldn't working on a tourist/residency visa mean your open to exploitation by your employer? Is it even possible to get a work visa after this point? Thanks
  2. I've been looking at teaching in Turkey through the company 'teach to travel'. Their website says: 'You will have your Residency Permit applied for before you arrive in Turkey, however, you will need to pick it up from the bureau in Turkey within 90 days of your arrival. You will need to get a tourist visa at the Turkish airport when you arrive. You will pick up your residency permit after this. You will also be picking up your work permit in Turkey.' What I don't understand is why can't they put in the application for the Work Permit before I arrive in the country (the job starts months down the line after all) Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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