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  1. Good day! Pardon me if the question was given in the past. I have been scouring the net trying to look for a page which could enlighten me of detailed information and some led me here. I am a Filipina and planning to move to Turkey for good. Anyways, my Turkish boyfriend and I are in a long-distance-relationship for almost a year now. He asked me to visit Turkey in a tourist visa so we could get married in his country. I am honestly so puzzled of the idea. Is there no way that I can get a fiancee visa instead? Applying for a tourist requires big money and more effort. In addition, Turkish embassy in the Philippines is very strict in requirements compliance. Don't get me wrong, we both have stable jobs and even if he gave me guarantees, I am still not confident of it. I already checked the e-visa, unfortunately, not applicable in my country. I would like to get more alternative before going to the embassy. Please help me out :-(
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