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  1. Hi all, Having just bought a property in Altinkum we have been told that we do not have to pay any utility bills until we receive the title deeds for the property. Please could somebody let us know if this is in fact the case. Thanks Mick & lorna P.S sorry we didn't get to meet up with Laura but will do on our next visit.
  2. Hi Everyone,Could anyone give us some swift advice on the following hotels as we are bringing a 75 year old man with us and need not too many stairs and peace and quiet at night!Didim Beach, Burak, First Class, Garden Of Sun, Esra, PanormosAlso, what is the weather likely to be in the second week of september.Cheers Mick & Lorna.
  3. Hi Laura,Thanks for the info, we can sleep at night again!! we hope to be over in September and think that we owe you a drink so maybe we can meet up. Once again, thanks Mick & Lorna.
  4. Hi all, Please could somebody tell me if Mese Construction is part of Parador or a separate company. Also could someone swing by Diamond City 3 and see if work is still continuing on this project as our apartment is supposed to be ready in September. As you can gather there is quite a concern over here as to the state of play over there!!! How does the law stand as we have paid half of our money if it all hits the fan? Someone please help us!! Cheers Mick & Lorna.
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    Hi everyone,I was just wondering if it is customary to haggle over the price of everything or just some items? Where do you start to haggle without appearing either as a cheapskate or a rude tourist? Advice on this would be most appreciated so please help. Thanks Breamo.
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