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  1. hi I need help , we have an apartment in fateyi but we do not live their ,we have had it for 9 years . In that time a British lady has move next door .and broke all the rule that were made by the committee ,to name a few ,we all agreed no dogs as it is a small complex and in the summer a lot of children / 2 extended her patio on to communal land with out permission now she wants to put a fence around the patio to keep the dog in which she should not have in the first place ,she lets it roam round as it wants .anyway her huspond died, and 6 months later she married a Turkish man ,that's not the problem.no one else can be bothered to stop her so we took it on our self to do so ,but do not know where to start .pleases can any one help with some legal advice as she is taking over the complex .she has so much stuff in front of her apartment we carnt see the pool from our patio . pleases help regards james ps she is 68 years old
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