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  1. Hi TaterTot. I've seen his passport and I've seen his identity and I have seen many photos of him online doing what he says he does. His identity is absolutely certain. Meral, I suppose it is possible that they were not 100% divorced. That would perhaps explain it. But I'm not sure. I agree that it is odd. Maybe that's what people understood when I asked them. eruza, You can certainly be engaged. Engagment is not a legal matter. Sunny, We have been talking again for one month now so he didn't change his mind.
  2. I believe I said we were engaged. I love him a great deal. I am older than I stated in my profile for anonymity's sake. I also never said I plan to bear him 5 kids. I would never just do his bidding on something so important. He expressed a hopeful wish to me; he did not make a command. My apologies because I thought I was less rather than more offensive in taking the blame away from this one individual and putting it on the larger situation. I recognize that bowing to family demands is par for the course in Turkey, because family ties are extremely strong there. That's both a good thing and a
  3. No. He wasn't married when we got together. He was divorced. He is also not with her now. Go on and tell me it's not true though that's fine. Maybe you're right. But I'm not taking this on myself or calling him full of it. Like I said, I personally know someone whose middle-aged boyfriend of ten years was forced into a marriage with someone he DID NOT KNOW when he went home. I think Turkey is the strange party here. I can't even comprehend such a culture.
  4. Thank you for your response, and good point! I don't know what to think. This is NOT normal for American people. In my mind, this indicates a break-up, and I've been trying to comprehend a reason why--hence the above post. (I apologize for the oversharing, I was feeling low then and regret that this website does not allow for editing or deletion). Yet, the last time I spoke to my bf our plans remained the same, he was working constantly, and nothing was wrong between us. I know another Turk who works literally 24/7 and says he only talks to his girlfriend once every month or two. Based on that
  5. Thank you for your responses! I just saw these. I had been expecting email notification; guess I don't have that setting on.
  6. Hi. I am an American woman in my late 20s and am engaged to a Turkish man who is ten years older than me. We are together for nine months. I was the first to bring up marriage. He went back to Turkey a few months ago in order not to overstay his visa. We usually speak regularly, it is difficult with the distance, but at this time we have not spoken in 19 days. This is the longest period ever. I am a little bit devastated and almost ready to give up on him. He is not with me for sex. He actually came back to visit me 1.5 months ago, all the way to the U.S. for only one week. At that time h
  7. Can anyone tell me which sites have been shut down in Turkey? Or how the internet is running currently? Thank you.....
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