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  1. Hi HobbitTR and destiny, Thank you so much for the helpful advice and suggestions, I feel like I have a bit of ground to walk on now and I'll definitely look into it all. I love the sound of catching a ferry as my daily commute! Destiny, how was your experience at Bogazici? I'm really excited but don't really know what to expect if you know what I mean...I know it has amazing views though! Thanks again for all your help. Louisa
  2. My name is Louisa, I'm 21 from England and will be moving to Istanbul this September for a year abroad studying at Bogazici University as part of my degree. I am hugely looking forward to it but have a few questions about housing at the moment. I am familiar with Turkey, I travel there a lot with my boyfriend (who is Turkish) yet we've only ever been to Istanbul a couple of times as tourists. I will be moving with my boyfriend and we will be living together which is helpful as my Turkish is progressing but nowhere near as good enough to negotiate rental contracts at the moment! We've deci
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