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  1. Learning Turkish isn't easy. It really is a language where you have to immerse yourself in the culture to fully understand it. I never went to classes but I am pretty fluent in Turkish now to the extent that I tend to watch films and the news in Turkish now rather than my native language of English. The way I learned was through practice. Practice, practice and lots of it and then suddenly one day it will fall into place. I can see you are already at an advanced stage Ken and very serious about becoming fluent. The best advice I can give is to find as many Turkish people as you can who are willing to listen and to help you develop what you already have and in no time I promise you - you will suddenly start having dreams in Turkish rather than English and then you will know that you have cracked it. I know its a hard language to learn but I would encourage anyone living here to learn it. Even if most of your friends are ex pats you will get so much more out of your living experience in Turkey. There is so much you miss if you don't speak Turkish.
  2. How is the Turkish coming along? Stick with it. You will be fluent soon I am sure :-)
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    Unlocking a Locked Phone after 120 Days

    Having done this with my own phone it is quite a straight forward procedure by Turkish standards. First of all save your phone numbers from your phone by downloading them to your PC. You can transfer the numbers to your phone memory and then to your Turkish sim card though if you find this is easier. You need to find the IMEI number which identifies your phone. Normally you can do this by typing *#06# which will then display the IMEI number. Also it is sometimes displayed on the reverse of the phone battery cover or behind the battery in your phone. This IMEI number is what actually identifies your phone if it ever gets stolen or lost. It enables the service provider to block or disable your phone making it useless for anyone else which is why phone theft in Turkey is rare. Something other countries could learn if they adopted this system actually. Bingo - no more phone theft! Now you will need to go to your local tax office ( Vergi Dairesi ). Take your phone and the IMEI number and your passport and residency permit. You will need to register the phone there through a registration certificate. There is a cost for this ( not long ago it was around 200 TL ) You may also need to go to the police station for an entry and exit document ( no charge for that). Once you have done this you can go to your chosen network provider, pay the registration fee, purchase your Turkish sim card and they will check your passport, residency permit and complete the registration for another albeit smaller fee.
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    Anyone living in and around the Canakkale province?
  5. Hi everyone. Actually the law in Turkey is not really that murky. It all depends on a number of factors. For example. If you are a part time resident in Turkey then you should continue to pay tax in your home country if you are only working remotely and not spending most of your time in Turkey. The situation only really changes when Turkey becomes your default country of residence and more importantly the country where you are domiciled. I left the UK in March 2016. I have not been back. I was working for my old company in the UK on a part time basis and paying tax in the UK. After a year the UK Inland Revenue informed me that I should not be paying tax in the UK since Turkey was now my home and my main place of residence or domicile. They told me that the UK ( and many other countries too ) has a dual taxation agreement with Turkey and that I should apply for the necessary certificate which in Turkish is a Mukimlik Belgesi and in English a Certificate of Fiscal Residence. I applied. Within a couple of months I received my certificate in English and Turkish. I am a UK citizen, working legally and paying my world wide taxes in Turkey. I passed this information on to DOC MARTINS SURGERY FOR EXPATS IN TURKEY on facebook and with its own website. I enclosed copies of the actual certificates there and how you apply. The important thing here is that your job is as a result of your skills and contacts overseas and that you are not taking a job from a Turkish person who might benefit from it if it were available in the local job market. Hope this helps someone somewhere.