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  1. After a lot of asking around I finally registered my phone at Avea's main office in Macka (Abdi İpekçi Cad. No:75 34367 Maçka). It is Avea's actual headquarters, not a dealer. The best part, they did it for free!
  2. Thank you very much eruza! Where in Sisli is that branch located? I do have an Avea SIM
  3. I was wondering if any of you have successfully registered a foreign phone with Avea. I have paid the tax, got my entry document from the foreigners police but I can't find an Avea shop that is able to do the registration. I've been to several shops and they all tell me to try a different branch because they are "not authorized to do it". It seems that not all the branches can do this procedure. I have even tried going to Turkcell - there is a branch in Istiklal where they do registrations – but they can only register mobiles with a Turkcell sim card. Do you know of any Avea branch
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