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  1. Found some old pictures of Datca. You can take a look at them here:
  2. Heee,Meer nederlanders hier, ik hoop je eens te ontmoeten in datca!gr, Jeroen
  3. If yes, tell us your stories. Did you like it? What did you do? Looking forward to read these storiesJeroen
  4. oops....dutch language, sorryAnyway www.34tr.com is a great site for old picsDon't know if they have old alanya pics
  5. www.34tr.comben ik op gewezen daar staan veel oude foto'sgr, Jeroen
  6. I'm looking for old pictures of datcaAnyone has a idea where I could find these? Jeroen
  7. Take the ferry to Datça! Departs at 9.00 in the morning arrives at 11.00. Departs from Datça at 17.00 and arrives back in Bodrum at 19.00. Datça is a very interesting place with lots of beautiful places (Eski Datça, and Mesudiye).
  8. VillaOlivio

    The Knidos Lion

    great idea! I will sign it immediatlytx
  9. Hi,I was wondering about following. Five years ago when I was for the first time in Datca I saw during my holiday 5 turtles between the olive trees etc. I really love these animals. The I saw them not for a few years. Last year I saw another two of them. Does anybody know if this is a much seen animal in Datca? And do you see them all year long? Just curiousJeroen
  10. IntrestingI read the general opinion is that the turkish lira will be above the 2.00 compared to the euro, do you think this also? Jeroen
  11. Just saw you will get 2.18TRY for 1 euroBesides the credit crunch is there a special reason why this is going so fast up now? Where will it end? Jeroen
  12. Intresting article in de Turkish Daily NewsDat
  13. Thanks Jane for this post. We will visit it for sure and indeed not in high summer ;-)I will look for you youtube video tonight! Jeroen
  14. Another high light to do when you stay some days in Datca is visiting the greek Island SymiThis must be wonderful, and the pictures I saw don't lie....magic. I was told that Symi has no water, they get it from the greek island Rhodos. I'm not 100% sure if this is true
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