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  1. Thank you for your reply Correct - we agreed an amount between the 2 of us. Since then he has reduced the payment 2 times and threatening to reduce again next month. If he does then I will have to take him to court as the amount has already been halved. Do you know how long or difficult this may be with me living in Turkey and with him in the UK?
  2. Hi I know that if you get divorced in the UK ıt doesnt mean that they automatically recognise the divorce ın Turkey so you have to do ıt there too. If you dont do the paperwork to have the divorced recognised then they will still consider you as married I do not believe your marriage would be effected in any other country.
  3. Hi Am posting to see if anyone has been through anything similar and maybe can offer some advise. Myself and 2 children live in Turkey, we are British with Turkish citizenship. I divorced my husband back in 2015. He is Turkish but lives in the UK He gave me full custody of the children and agreed to pay a certain amount of money a month. The amount to be paid was never documented on the divorce papers. Initially he was paying the agreed amount, then he decided to change it to a lower amount after several months with no communication with myself. When questioned he said it was because he was getting married and couldnt afford to send the amount. He got married and then got divorced again. He then again reduced the payments for the children - again no discussion with myself - said it was because the exchange rate was good and I get more! The latest problem though is I have a new partner who comes and stays regularly. He is not registered as living here with the Nufus address. My ex husband is saying that if my new partner is living with myself and the children then he will stop paying for them (they are both under 12 years). My main question is - can he do this eg is it law that if you have a new partner move in or you got married that the father can then stop paying for his children. If anyone has been through a similar experience I would be interested to know your experience etc Thanks in advance xxx
  4. Hope someone might have some answers for me. I'm currently in UK and have sold a property I owned with husband. We agreed mutually on the split of sale. I am now going to be moving to Turkey with our children while he stays in the UK. At present this is a separation between with no plans to divorce at present. My question is though if divorce happened is it possible he can make a claim in the future on property I buy in Turkey even though we agreed who had what in regards to money. Is there an official form I can get him to sign that acceptable to stop him doing this. Thanks
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