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  1. Did I ever say I was interested in diving????

  2. Depending on where you will start your holiday, but if you like historical sites, one of the best place you can visit in Turkey is Ephesus. http://www.marmaristravel.net/attractions/ancient-city-of-ephesus/ If you arlready there please visit the archelogical museum in selcuk (very close to ephesus in town selcuk) and also the temple of Artemis. http://www.marmaristravel.net/attractions/temple-of-artemis/
  3. Many people come to marmaris for the beach and sun , but if you want to visit istanbul from Marmaris and if you want to stay there for couple of days things will get complicated , it will be hard to arrange airport transfers ,flight tickets , hotel and etc . It can be also expensive , what i will recommend for you is just visit istanbul for day from Marmaris. its a long tour for 24 hours but you see most of the highlights of istanbul , like Topkapi Place , Hippodrome , Blue Mosque , Egyptian Bazaar and Eminönü. check this out http://www.excursionmarmaris.com/excursion/marmaris-to-istanbul-tours/
  4. Dont think that working conditions in Marmaris is like you have at home , people here working like 16 hours a day in the summer season and money wise is really bad , but if you looking for fun more then money ...why not ? also you can check this for working visa conditions in Marmaris Turkey http://marmaris.info/qa/ best think that you can do apply thomas cook , or some travel company and if you can get a job like a hotel rep , this will be the best that you can get in Marmaris
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