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  1. Name Change

    Dear Canpak, Thanks a lot for taking the time to share this! After starting this thread, there was that case from Ankara that finally broke the chain. Article 187 hasn't been changed yet - who knows if it ever will be - so women still depend on individual judges to take back their right to their own name. It's still an improvement... at least there's a precedent now. Regarding your professor in Turkey, my issue IS with the official documents, cause my name is so long that it doesn't fit in most forms. I also have issues when I fly to some countries which require APIS (like the US). Anyway, I will try my luck in court when I can save the sum needed for a lawyer.
  2. X, Q, W in Turkish

    oh, I can't believe this... Thanks so much for checking it though...
  3. X, Q, W in Turkish

    Good morning GDB! Thanks for checking on this for me and all due respect for your wife's determination to take on this challenge. I am based in Istanbul... in Kağıthane, which is not the most understanding municipality when it comes to foreign names. Just one more question. When you applied for citizenship, did they make you write "V" on the form, claiming that there's no "W" in Turkish? Cause that's what happened in my case with the "X".
  4. X, Q, W in Turkish

    Hi GDB! Thanks for the prompt reply! Well, my first name has an X in it... but when I went to get my nufus cuzdani, they'd only write "ks" instead of "x", and they said there's no such law to permit them to change it. What did you do in order to change it? Did you go to court, to the foreigners police, or anywhere else?
  5. X, Q, W in Turkish

    Hello! Does anyone know what the latest status is of this law to accept the characters "x", "q", "w" into the Turkish language? They media has been touting it since two years ago, but I cannot find anything in the Resmi Gazete. The attachment is the request apparently done by BDP almost two years ago. Some people told me it's still stuck somewhere in the parliament, but could it really take so long??? Thanks! 2-1307.pdf
  6. Name Change

    Dear Eglegal, Thank you for taking the time to reply... Unfortunately, we've still got a long way to go until (if ever!) Article 187 would be changed. For me, at this stage, I am affraid that the only way to keep my own name is to divorce.
  7. Name Change

    I got married in Turkey 4 years ago and - since I was in a hurry and didn't do my homework properly - was sort of put on the spot regarding the surname issue and had to accept them adding my husband's name to my name on paperwork. Didn't want to make a big fuss about it then, thinking that after obtaining my Turkish citizenship, I would be able to go to court and get (just!) my name back. Well... I've just obtained the citizenship but on my nüfüs cuzdanı, they would only list my husband's last name (without mine). Spoke to a lawyer yesterday and she said there's no way in Turkey for me to just have my own surname without my husband's. Needless to say how silly that is.... considering that most countries don't enforce such nonsense on women. Anyway.... my question is: if I get divorced here, and later on remarry the same person in a country whose laws allow me to keep my maiden name, would the Turkish authorities impose my husband's surname on me again, when registering that marriage in Turkey? Or would the laws of the other country prevail (ones which allow me to keep my own name)? Thanks a million!!