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  1. For Americans who give birth abroad the standard procedure is to get either a local birth certificate or an equivalent form and then to apply at your US consulate or embassy for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. The CRBA is your child's birth certificate. I've had children born in 2 foreign coubtries, and each of them have a CRBA. Don't feel concerned that your child won't have a birth certificate. He/she will. No worries.
  2. Ah, I see yes. I'm not worried about my kids being in a classroom where the teacher doesn't speak English. I will help them learn a few emergency words (toilet, hurt, hungry, sick) in case they have an urgent need. Otherwise learning a new language through immersion is a good thing in my eyes.
  3. Neselicocuk, what do you mean by Tukey-centric? I have no problem with a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of Turkish history over other world history or school ceremonies that always give a nod to Ataturk, for example. However I would mind if my kids were made to feel like a "lesser" person for not being Turkish. Hopefully you don't mean the latter!
  4. Thanks for the help everybody. YabanciGirl, my kids still only have a minimum proficiency in Arabic, but this is an option that would definitely be of interest to me. Thanks It seems like they could both continue to develop their Arabic as well as learning Turkish in this type of school, plus have some of their native English thrown in to boot. However I do want a low cost option and one that ensures they become proficient in Turkish. I'll look into that.
  5. Thank you! I was reading a little about dershanes. Will this be necessary for the kids to manage through school do you think? Or is it just an option out there to give kids a boost?
  6. Enter "Turkey" as the country on this search and it will tell you where all the testing centers are. http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/test-center-code-search
  7. Hi. I'm new to this forum, and I have some questions. Our family is considering a move to Turkey. I'm American and my husband is Pakistani. We have 6 kids ranging in age from 1 month old to 17 years old. We have homeschooled the kids, had them in both public and private schools in the US, and had them in private schools in Saudi Arabia (Arabic language with no help for second language learners). They are English speaking. We are currently living in Abu Dhabi and found out after we arrived that public schools are for everyone according to policy (which we had thoroughly researched) but
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