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  1. Hobbit, your response is too thoroughly reasonable for the ziobot. He lives in his little colonist ziobubble, aged 16. There is no point wasting time with him. I am cheering for Palestine's ascension to the International Criminal Court. The ICC has already started a preliminary investigation re Gaza.
  2. Your technicolor writing is too hard to follow, and I do not think it is necessary to reply to blatantly racist comments. Hobbit and destiny are doing a good job of answering you here. Israel is an apartheid state, no less person that Bishop Tutu of Soth Africa has confirmed that. For more info, go to this site: it'sapartheid.org. There you will find all your Israeli racist laws laid out in black and white. You may also find Shlomo Sand's book, "The Invention of the Jewish People", and "The Invention of the Land of Israel", laying out and documenting in detail the mythology Israel uses as historical facts. In sum, the Jewish tribes in Palestine were nothing more that one more group of goat herders among many other tribes, nothing in the Old Testament has been historically or archaeologically proven. I saw with my own eyes the little ivory pomegranate that the Israel Museum paid 50 000 dollars and which was supposed to come from Solomon's temple. Fake. I have been to Palestine. I have driven on those roads that are forbidden to Palestinians.. I have seen what the colonists have done to Hebron. I have seen those uprooted and burned olive trees. I have read the UN reports on Israeli atrocities committed in Gaza. I infinitely prefer Turkey to Israel. Turkey has issues, but it is not a self -righteous, God-gave-us-the-land bunch of 19th century colonialists. Erdogan may be over the top for some people, but his regime has brought quite a bit of prosperity to Turkey, and all without American aid. Where would Israel be without the Three Billion Dollars of US taxpayer money it receives annually.? Not to mention all those wealthy American Jews that can make tax-free donations to Israeli apartheid. I could write more, but there is no point. All empires collapse. Think of the Soviet empire. Who remembers the Crusader states in Palestine? Do you know there was a King of Jerusalem for almost 100 years who came from England and set himself and his inheritors up as a King in a foreign country? Kinda reminds you of the present regime in Israel.
  3. "Standardwithisrael", you do not seem to recognize that your statement "Palestinians didn't recognize Israel as a Jewish State" reeks of racism and is representative of your entire apartheid argument. I suggest that Germany should require all countries in the world to recognize it as a Lutheran state, proclaim laws that give Lutherans advantages over every other religion, establish colonies on internationally recognized jewish land where only Lutherans are allowed to live, even set up a bus system and a road network where only Lutherans are allowed to drive, destroy jewish homes and farms because we all know that God gave Germany to the Lutherans, and etc, and etc. This is the reality in Israel, and most Israelis do not see this as evil, they see it as a completely natural state of existence. Of course,there are Israeli Jews who do recognize what a abomination the Zionist state of Israel is. I congratulate Erdogan for at least having the guts to speak up, whatever his reasons may be. At least it is more than those cowardly countries inEurope can manage. I congratulate Palestine's accession to the International Criminal Court. And success to BDS.
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