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  1. Well you haven't answered my question. You just paraphrased me. In a world that Saudi Arabia, a country that beheads people, is in a council that should advice how to protect human rights, a council that is politicized against Israel, and decides what some would see as blood libels of mid '30s Europe, you can't say that the world is not biased against Israel. It is just no the truth. You also haven't answered, why do the Arab States not give the Palestinians rights?
  2. 1.well you haven't shown that it is. So you can accuse me, but every wise man can see that it is based on nothing. Israel is ready to withdraw from its own territory. I mean, is there a greater sacrifice for a country? I used "" meaning, I don't recognize Israel being a conqueror, a country cannot occupy its own legitimate soil. It's like saying that Turkey occupies Ankara. I only used your terminology. The expectation in the Middle East is that Israel will freeze its development of its cities. I say that it is illegitimate, to intervene Israel's local issues, and it is putting Israel to beg for the PLO will finally accept to negotiate with it. I mean, I haven't seen Turkey freezing its development, for an ex-terrorist group. 2. I told you, Israel should have never recognized The Palestinians as a separate population from the Jordanians. Now, The Jordanians, don't want to mess with that population either. 3. Sorry, please make short remarks from this article. The debate won't be contributed, from focusing on any biased article. 5. You bring a lot of unrelated biography of many persons, that there relevant to this conflict is questionable. I'm a working person. I don't have time to read all of these biographies. Please write only things that are relevant. This for example:
  3. 1. Correct, they do so because of racism. 2. Those countries are known for much worse human rights violations. That thing doesn't concern them. 3. Israel got independence in the same era that they got. 4. How wrong you are, The Arab League including one of the most rich countries in the world: including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and those are only the most major supplier. 5. Being bullied? I mean, do your nerds attack the bully wherever you come from? 6. Your narrative is super pro-Arabic. In our propagandized world it's a pity that it is thought to be neutral. 1. Israel agrees to negotiate with the PLO. I mean, Israel, is the only "conqueror" that is expected to beg the "conquered" side to negotiate with it. I mean, Can you imagine France begging Algeria independence movement? I can't. Why do you expect Israel to beg? 2. Israel made mistakes. Though most of the countries made mistakes. Israel has not committed so many mistakes that it deserves its current reputation. I mean, the only reason, that we are not focused in Turkey, is because in the UN there are 55 Muslim countries. It is not justice, only politics. 3. Sorry I haven't read this article. Israel is a pluralistic state, and you can say whatever you want to whom you want. I can't follow any article in the Israeli press, because as any western its media is very developed. 4. Israel applies the international law, or at least tries to. Hamas breaks it in purpose, as UN documents say. 5. It's easy to be a pacifist, when there is peace. Unfortunately, many Muslims don't recognize Israel. Till then, Israel won't able to invest, its high skilled people in helping those countries.
  4. Well you can't be Muslim and Anti-Israeli, the Qur'an is very clear. so, if it is holy it's holy. And there are many other quotes. Well, Turkey gets, what Turkey deserves. Actually, what Turkey presumably will be looked like is something like this: (He also spoke about the glory of his ancestors). How come Israel is wrong about anything that is related to Turkey-Israel relations? Well, in Austria they had a poll, which its results say that the Austrians believe that Hitler was one of the best leaders of Austria. I believe that powerful leaders, such as Putin or Erdugan, will always have support within uneducated populations. Erdugan believes, that any woman should have at least 3 children. Well, Hitler also tried to turn Germany's women into soldier creators.
  5. Israel doesn't want to fight Turkey. Turkey is whom to blame. Israel hasn't occupied any territory from Turkey, nor any resource that Turkey uses. By the way, I would like you to condemn the terror attack that was in Israel today. All those who says that the right of free movement is more important than the right to live, must answer those videos: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4617622,00.html
  6. I'm not saying that is honorable to kill a person, but it is honorable to protect your children your elders and those who should never have been under attack, by a foreign militia. I'm really surprised that you comment. I mean, you can shush every discussion that you don't want to hear from your thoughts, but how come that you think to shush the others is acceptable? Sarah, I don't know who you are, but I do know that you don't know who I am. I'm not 16 years old, I'm not a minor. And no, I don't live in a video game. The ICC will find that the Palestinians made much worse crimes than Israel apparently did. So, I'm happy that the ICC will finally investigate the Palestinians. It's time that Hamas will be consider as an outlaw organization globally. Protection of civilian population it is not an ego thing. You cannot say that Israel is being led by ego. I mean, can we imagine London being bombarded? How come we are used to imagine Tel Aviv?
  7. 1) Well I did, I showed that Turkey has begun the conflict, and therefore, Turkey must end its aggression toward Israel. 2)Actually it HAD happened that JEWISH Israeli tourists had been discriminated at the Airport, this led to another boycott over tourism in Turkey. 3) It is not true. Anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism is far more widespread at Muslims communities than any place on the glob. The Turkish don't want to ruin America, though some of them do want to destroy Israel. in much more significant percentage. 4)Again with those blood libels? The Jews don't have as much influence as the Muslims do. The Muslims have oil and resources, The Jews have only 0.2% of the Middle East. How the hell are they blamed for so many crimes? while in other places in the region so many other minorities are depressed, much more crudely? I mean, Israel has nothing that Muslims used to see as part of their culture. Till the 19th century, Palestine was a desert, with swamps on the shore. From whom supposedly, the Jews has stolen their land? from the camels? 5) Well Israel has made some stupid mistakes, that it pays for them. By recognizing that the Arabs on the West Bank are not part of Jordan, where they are, by the way the majority right now (on the eastern bank of the Jordan River). The Palestinians have already a country, which they are the majority within. Jordan has 4 times the territory of Israel. By dealing with the Palestinians as another people, who supposedly, not Jordanian, Israel has opened the door for its critics. I can't see the differences, between the Palestinians who are Western to the river, and those who are eastern. Actually, when those territories were free, they were under a Jordanian rule. So I can't get it, how come Israel is whom to blame? 6)By inspiring the Muslim Brothers to shoot over Israel rockets. Can you imagine the Kurdish fire over Ankara rockets? I can't and the Turkish must understand, that this situations is not acceptable in Israel either. we shall never live under rockets. 7) Well because they have already a state which its majority is Palestinians? Because it's much larger than "West Palestine"? 8)The boycott over Israel is far larger than any other countries in the list. Though Israel supposedly, depresses far smaller population than all of these countries. Israel is called the new South Africa, though we all know that Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East. Not Lebanon, and because Erdugan not even Turkey. I didn't ask life to be fair, I ask you to be fair. Aren't you a decent man? 1)Why? Iran is poorer than Turkey. 2)Where? Germany? I know that Turks have something with that nation. 3) Israel killed people, but only to protect its citizens. Isn't it honorable?
  8. No, I'm not a minor, though I can't understand how is that related to the debate. In this debate I showed, that Israel is discriminated, especially in the Muslim world for being Jewish. I showed that, Muslim communities tend to attack Jewish communities. I also showed that the boycott on Israel is very biased. None of those claims got any contradictions, So, can I assume that you all accept those?
  9. 1. well what she claimed is wrong. In 10 BC for example the Jews were the majority in Judea, which included also West Jordan(east to the Jordan River) of our times. 2. Well if what you said was right, why Israel hasn't occupied Jordan? I mean, The Jordan Army is far weaker than the IDF. The Israeli Government can occupy Jordan within a day. 3. So why didn't she mention the crimes that were made against Israelis? 5.if you really believe, that Israel's existence depends on whether The US supports us or not, I believe that you need to learn history. I mean, the US was not supporting Israel till the '60s. 6. if your intention is to be fair, you can't argue that Israel is the new South Africa, because this is not right, and if you are fair, you can't boycott only Israel, you must boycott Turkey and China too. but you don't. The situation in Turkey and China is much severe. The Kurdish culture for example is depressed by Turkey. In Israel, Arabic is recognized as one of its official languages. Something that the Kurdish dream about it in Turkey. In Israel, Arabs are judges and ministers and PMs, something that the Kurdish can only dream about it in Turkey. So if Israel is an apartheid state, let's be fair, if so,on the same analogy, Turkey is Nazi Germany. I don't think that Turkey is Nazi,and I don't think that Israel is the new South Africa. Let us all be fair. Because, Turkey has nothing to be proud of, in terms of human rights.
  10. I'm not a racist, nobody has mentioned anything about race. And I'm not Islamophobic. The hate for Jewish heritage in some of the Muslim communities in Europe, is unique by its severity. The same communities which send now, troops to ISIS. Or this is being racist too? Okay, some communities we won't mention, which send troops to a terror organization which kills everything that is not as this community. Fair enough? Hypocrite. I've Heard about Bishop Tutu and his dramatic announcement. Even in South Africa his opinions are controversial. Well it's nice that you and your friend can open sites, Though true facts aren't shown there. you didn't mention any from this "apartheid laws", maybe because you don't believe those claims? Shlomo Sand's opinion are not considered as science by most the genetic science research community, it once has been said, that his research are "political biased", and doesn't meet with the scientific requirements. We actually do have evidence that the Jews were in Israel 2000 years ago. see: The Great Jewish revolt. Actually, the Romans documented the existence of Jews, and counted them. further more, they documented their Holiest temple on the temple mountain, which on it lays the Al-Aqsda mosque today. I believe that Israel's greatness is for example that though this mosque is on the holiest place for the Jews in the world, Israel hasn't destroyed it. The Babylons wrote about Israel, and the Egyptians by the way, also referenced to a people they called "Isriar". In ancient Egyptian there wasn't the consonant of \L\. I would like to refer you to Tel Dan Stele which clearly names "Israel" as its greatest enemy. I actually have more archaeological proofs that, Israel is not invention, though I believe I proved my case. If you want more, I'll be more than happy to write you. Well Palestine declared its independence in 1964, so why can't be an international border between Israel and Palestine? I mean, if it is another country, which doesn't want to be part of Israel, why can't Israel have a border with it? It's like claiming that Mexicans can't drive at Texas. Well sure they can't it's not their country. Israel condemn the burning of the olive trees, and tries to prevent from this happening. Outlaws are present in any country at the planet. Did Palestine stop people from burning persons? Nope. I see, you prefer burning persons to burning olive trees. Well, shame on you. I can't understand, why Jewish can't settle Hebron, but Arabs can settle Jerusalem. And you call me a racist? Erdugan is returning his country to the ottoman era, not by its political influence that wasn't great at anytime, but the life standards of its citizens. Israel will continue to be rich, even if the American aid will be halted. It will be just more close to Turkey, though it will be still rich. Yeah, some of the Anti-Israelists, like to compare Israel to the crusaders' states, though there are great difference. Well, for fanatic Muslim, all of them are "Kufar", which should be dead. I believe that there is a great ignorance, in those people. Ignorance that the Arabic propaganda was able to use for the Arabic nations' interests. I guess, that you also boycott Turkey, if you aren't a Turkish. You know, fair is fair. Turkey's action are far more severe than Israel's and you know, you think you know everything in life, so I guess you also don't use smartphones, because they were made in China, which occupies Tibet, which is 50 times of Israel. And it goes on and on. I won't apology, that Israel is the most intelligent country in the Middle East, and if the Arab nation hadn't have those oil revenues, they would have looked like, well, East Africa? I am not asking you to be different, I'm asking to be fair. Why can't you be fair?
  11. Well, The ADL doesn't call for operations against other nation does it? it works for the benefit of Israel, but it doesn't campaign against the Turkish human rights violations. The ADL only corrects "mistakes" that were made surprisingly by pro-Palestinians activists. ​Well, it was approved in this topic, that usually Turkish don't like Israel neither. Israeli is the home state for the Jewish nation, though there are Jews in other places in the world, so Israel is not "The Jews", its citizens are "Israeli" not "Jews". In fact, 17% of its population is Arabic. So Israel≠ Jews. Why did the Arab nation begin the war in '48? It was against UN resolution, so why did they? Because they couldn't imagine that, a Jewish state will be unified at the Middle East. They couldn't think, that A Muslim will share his land with A Jew. Why would he? In '48 the Jews were compared to sons of pigs. In Qatar you can still find it on the news. No, but surprisingly 4 members of one of these communities, just executed non-Israeli Jews in Paris. They went to non-Israeli Kosher market. Why haven't they attacked for example the Hindu community in Paris? In Islam, it is a greater sin to be Hindu than a Jew. We all know why, some of the Imams on the mosques preach for antisemitism. Well, I don't vote for the right-wing in Israel, but it is not related to the discussion. The right-wing of Israel is not different from right-wings of any country. It is conservative and national. You'll find racists in every nation in this little planet. Israel , or the supporter of Israel are not exception. Though I don't accept those thought, I don't think it is something that is unique to Israel. Turkey was founded like 900 years ago? Israel has a 3400 years old heritage. So if Israel invaded the Middle east, so did Turkey, and the "Palestinians" which heard about this land 1300 years ago, and hadn't settled it, well till the Jews showed interest there. The president of France had invited him, though it was later denied, Arabic lobby in the French Parliament, I didn't understand why they had to get this announcement. Well, because you are so humanist, you wouldn't mind that inspectors will go to Turkish Kurdistan, and will photographed, The Turkish Army operations, Would you? Should I understand that you mock yourself? Well, I haven't seen sanctions against Turkey, though it occupies Kurdistan, which is far more large than "Palestine", and I haven't seen it, paying for the families of the Armenian Genocide, and I haven't seen Turkey withdrawing from Cyprus. So it leads me to the question, why Israel? Boycott yourself first. Well, I can promise you that if he could Erdugan would do it. I can't get what is colonial of returning to your fatherland. No, I can't. The Jews were removed forcefully by the Romans. Their land was taken illegally. The UN has approved and recognized that a Jewish nation in "Palestine" is legitimate. Erdugan has lately announced that the Turkish people is descanted of Asiatic tribes who invaded westward. As a Turkish, would you agree to return to Mongolia and East Kazakhstan?
  12. I'm not Islamophobic, though I do hate Muslim communities who traditionally support the Palestinians, though they are not in the Middle East, and try to prevent from Jewish communities to protest in favor of Israel. Please answer, why for example Crimea doesn't get the same attention as "Palestine" though it is equal in scale? I refer antisemitism as hating a Jew because he is a Jew. That is the common meaning I claim, that the Arab nations hate Jews (and also mostly call the Israelis "The Jews"), and that is the reason of which they fought for the Palestinians. ​Judaism is a diverse religion. Relative to the size of its follower, probably one of the most diverse in the Middle East, you can find Pro Israelis and Anti-Israelis , because in the Jewish tradition brotherhood is a great value . So no one boycotts the other, so there are a lot of ideas in Judaism, not all of them are acceptable for me.
  13. First of all, Zionism is not a course, like YTY isn't. Most of the Jewish community in Israel, define themselves as Zionists. I've mentioned few conflicts around the world, which doesn't get the same attention as The Israeli-Palestinian one. It's very hard to explain why it gets this attention if not because of the antisemitism that there is in the world. Have you thought that this is because a Muslim lobby? see: I believe that , there is a lobby which works to present Israel as something that it isn't. Let me understand, you condemn that Jews have free thought, and the Israeli Jews don't haunt them? There are many Muslims who support Israel, and was portrayed as traitors in their countries, some have lost their citizenship. What are you talking about the far right parties in the EU? most of them are negligible. While in the mainstream parties, for example the labor in the UK there are districts who didn't pick non Muslim for decades. Surprisingly, those districts have a great Muslim population. Well of course that is their right, but yet, it shows that the Muslims still have a great influence of Europe's politics.
  14. What happened between Israel and the Palestinians is none of Turkey's business. I condemn you. Israel hasn't done anything wrong to you. I suppose that you also boycott Chinese products, because what China does to Tibet, and boycott Turkey because what it has been doing in Cyprus and to the Kurdish. Or Russia, Or a lot many other nations. Erdugan knows that the main loser of this action, will be Turkey. Turkey has nothing with Hamas, or at least Attaturk's Turkey. Erdugan, and most of the Muslims communities in the Middle East don't believe that a Jewish state should have been created. This comment is very biased. There is no an apartheid regime in Israel. The Palestinians had committed along the history a lot of terror attacks against Israeli civilians. This led to the creation of the wall. This is not apartheid, it is very common that international borders are marked and secured by walls, for example Spain-Morocco, the USA-Mexico. Israel is not Nazi nor German nor Lutheran. To be a Jew is not different from being a part of any other ethnicity. The BDS doesn't boycott other conflicts around the world, including: Sudan, China,Turkey,Russia and many other. All of the conflicts I mentioned are far more human rights-violating. The question is why. The answer is the Muslim lobby in Europe. Yes, mass immigration of anti-Israel immigrants can change politics. Well I believe you aren't a great fan of Yahoo either, are you? Netanyahau, has never said that Palestinians should be expelled from the Middle East. This is a propagandized lie. Israel did NOT begin the last conflict in the middle east. It began with 48 hours of rocket launching by Hamas. Israel did not response. In all of this time, Israel proposed to Hamas to cease the fire. Hamas continued. We are not going to apologize that we are stronger. We are not going to sacrifice children, so the death tally in both sides will be even. Hamas began the last war, and it is to blame about the death of Palestinians children. Can you imagine the UK or Turkey letting a terror organization to bombard their cities? I can't. I'm not sure that I've understood what you want to say. The Arab world controls about 13 million km^2. Israel territorial ambitions, even if you include the Bank, and the Strip and the Heights, is about 28,000 km^2. I'm trying to understand, can't the Jews have less than 0.3% of the Middle east territory?! A territory, which was settled by them even before the prophet began to conquer the Middle East? A territory with no much water or oil reserves?! Can't they?! I'm trying to understand about which terrorism you talk about. If Israel had attacked a civilian population, no one would have survived. You got a very strange definition about peacekeepers. Are peacekeepers armed with weapon? Do they pray for killing JEWS? Israel experienced a lot of flotillas during that period. All were guided peacefully to the harbor. Only in the Marmara there was a fight. International jurists who are hired by the UN which doesn't like Israel (well that what you get when there are 56 Muslim countries there) said that Israel hadn't violated the international law. We don't want to harm Turkey, we want to be safe, a thing that Israeli can't be in Turkey, and we want you to understand that Turkey, can't be the knight of a nation which has a conflict with us, and mainlining normal relations with us. You can say, that you don't recognize Israel. You can. Legally, you are wrong. The European Union doesn't have clear borders. For example, France has territories across the oceans, which are exempt from the union's law. So you can say that this union is not a country, though it will be odd, if you do recognize that is a cluster of countries, which is far more greater than a country supposedly. While Israel does have exact legal borders, all 48-67 territories + East Jerusalem+ Golan Heights+ villages that were split by the 67 borders and have asked to merge. So according your definition, Israel is a country. You've forgotten, that Israel actually accepted this treaty, but the Arabs didn't. Instead, they invited 5 more countries(including Iraq which doesn't even border with Israel) to fight against Israel. Against the odds, the little nation, that 3 years earlier was almost destroyed by the Nazis, managed with a heavy blood price, to win those cruel countries, and even to capture territories. The treaty was based on the agreement of both sides. No Arab country had recognized Israel's existence till Israel-Egypt peace accords (in which Israel withdrew from 75% of its territory!), So speaking about a one-side treaty from '48 is irrelevant. The PLO has also agreed that this treaty is irrelevant.
  15. Netanyahu is completely sane. In Turkey, psychologists has warned that Erdugan is insane, something that hasn't happened with Netanyahu. It is important to say that Begin had warned the hotel before he bombed it. Something which the terror groups don't do. You are right, Israel always seeks for a fair peace. About Arafat, well, I have nothing to say. The murder of Rabin is a tragedy for Israel. And why is it good? Because you don't want relations with Israel? Turkey was trying to be the mediator of Syria and Israel, and Israel agreed, well till Erdugan decided he want to be a Sultan, and to demolish his country's relations. Erdugan could have attacked the conference's moderator instead, he began to explain how his heart was broken when he saw the pictures from Gaza. Why the Israeli children can be bombarded peacefully, but the children of Gaza can't? I mean, for all coins there are 2 sides. Great topic, why Turkey supports a flotilla which try to break Israel's sanctions? And how dare Turkey to complain, that Israel took an action, especially after it has been found out that during the interception, Turkey's citizens tried to kill Israeli soldiers?! Well, most of the Jewish community in Israel, boycotts Turkey, So I guess that you are talking about the Arabic-Israeli population. But, I can comment that after we have seen the demonstrations on which, Israeli flags were burned, there is a great hate for Turkey in Israel, because it seems like the Turkish government sees Israel, as part of its Empire, and does not respect its sovereignty. No, Israelis don't like Turkey now, because it tries to intervene their local issues, the Israelis used to love Turkey, seeing the Turkish People as one of our closest allies, and than Erdugan came and stabbed Israel in the back. We would like to share some of that prosperity, with a government that accepts Israel's existence. Netanyahu has already asked for forgiveness from Turkey, but for Erdugan, nothing is enough. Israel still fights for its borders. It works for its peace, so relative to its conditions, it is quite sane. Natanyahu did agree to 2 states solution, while the Palestinians didn't recognize Israel as a Jewish State
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