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  1. you must wait and see the expiration date on the card. Usually if the first application is for turistic reasons only 1 year is given but who know ...
  2. yes probably they gave you the permit for the nationality you look like, not the nationality you are from eh eh
  3. what is your nationality? According to latest infos only property owners will get two years residency on first application. . Non Property owners, Europeans and Canada and USA will get 1 year for first applications, renewals can be 2 years. . Non Property owners from, Middle East and Asian countries will get 6 months residence for first applications and renewals will be maximum 1 year.
  4. in the middle of September, the interior minister came to istanbul and meet with local goç idaresi and after that meeting the procedure for obtaining residence permit in Istanbul came back to normality. If you applied before 15 september 2018 you was asked for a lot of additional documents (like health and criminal record) and turistic residence permit was sometimes limited to 5 months. Those who applied after 15 september 2018 got a full 1 year and no additional documents was requested. So, i suppose you applied before 15 september 2018. Next time you'll get a full 1 year.
  5. don't worry, they don't ask for it anymore. also the criminal report is not necessary anymore.
  6. You must apply once you are in Turkey. Your visa can even expire the day after you applied from the goç idaresi web site, you can stay in Turkey with an expired visa while you are waiting for your request to be approved. For the bank statement i don't know for sure, but i have friends they presented financial documents from their original countries and that was accepted
  7. Things are changed in Istanbul. Now you can have an appointment within 1 month and the residence permit within another month. So if you apply from the web site tomorrow you will receive the residence permit on 9 december or early
  8. Today i received a message from goç idaresi, my residence permit request has been evaluated positively. I had my interview in Istanbul Pendik on 29 august and i applied and payed for 2 years. I wait for the card to come to know how many months or years they gave me.
  9. it's 2 days they do not ask anymore health and criminal report. that stress is finished
  10. I have some unofficial news. It seems in Istanbul Goç IDaresi Istanbul do not require anymore 6 months bank statement, health report and criminal report. 3 sources have already confirmed this. IF it's true it's certainly a good news because will be much more easy to get the residence permit in Istanbul. Wait few more days and let's see if and what changed
  11. I'm sorry for you, i can undesrtand your frustation. Enjoy your day in Georgia, and come back with new ideas to win the ikamet battle! :
  12. they say mimimum 150.000 tl ( me i purchased at 190.000 tl) i applied for the residence permit on 29 august and of course im waiting, i dont know if and when ill get the permit
  13. Me i just purchased a flat in Istanbul but i regret because i was thinking to get 2 years residence permit and they state i will have only 1 year (Although a friend of mine got 2 years). Also at interview they treat people very rude and i really dislike it and i'm not sure i'll get every year a residence permit in Istanbul. My advice is to purchase outside Istanbul, the application for residence permit is faster and easer outside Istanbul
  14. Yes he has property, he's french, and he get 2 years in Istanbul Fatih, me too i have proprerty, i applied in Pendik and the officer told me property owners can get only 1 year. I think they say and they do things randomly. There are no rules ..so let's see what will happen to my application.
  15. I agree 100%, it seems strangers are no more welcome in Istanbul but we are helping this economy changing our money in turkish lira and spending it
  16. To me they told the opposite, Beylikduzu Goç Idaresi told me to enter only the first policy in the application form and the officer told me that is reason for reject if i enter the second. This is a real nightmare.
  17. Me too i applied for 2 years with 2 policy (1 for each year). However the form on the website only allow to enter one policy so i entered the policy of the first year and i bringed the 2 policy together at my appointement at goç idaresi Pendik. The officer immediately told me we give only 1 year, anyway me i added also the 2nd policy with all the documents in the hope that reviewing my case they will give 2 years. I wonder how did you entered 2 years in the application form? I attach a pic of how i entered my first policy. (an officer told me that when having 2 policies only the firs
  18. Hi Yabangee, i suppose you supplied a correct health insurance. is it so? the start / end date of you permit application should match the start/ end date of your health insurance, did you checked this?
  19. Hey Elubzen, in your first renewal attempt who told you to send all that documents? In the case of "Türkiye'de taşınmaz malı bulunanlar" 10. Adil sicil kaydı and 11. Sağlık Kurulu raporu are not required so i wonder why you sent it. Of course that was needed in the second attempt for turistic stay, but i wonder who asked you that documents when you applied as home owner.
  20. As you can see in the attached file i accidentally choosed SGK and because i applied for 2 years i had 2 insurance policy with 2 different numbers so i wrote the 2nd policy number (that finish on 2020) but they considered this an error, so my insurance information was wrong and the official advised me to take back all my documents, exit the country and come back and reapply (because if my app is refused i cannot apply for 6 months). So i got my documents back i'm gone to greece for a weekend and now i'm back in Istanbul. When exit the turkish border i was expecting to be asked to pay a fine fo
  21. I had the interview last monday and i ve been refused. So tonight i go to greece for the weekend and i will reenter Turkey Sunday on evisa. I will purchase home in Istanbul and i will reapply with TAPU (the official told me that the application for tapu owner is really fast and easy and no extra docuemnts are required)
  22. once your permit extension is rejected you have 10 days to leave the country or apply for a different permit , for exemple from tourism to property owner ... i don't know if the same is possible from tourism to student
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