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  1. It is amazing that such forum exists I am a female canadian citizen who has spent 5 years in Turkey (2005-2009). Oh how I miss that country... I am about to graduate from Community college, I will have a Business management diploma. I was just given the opportunity to go to The Netherlands as an intern, and work at Hanze University for 5 months as an international student adviser. I will be going there from March till September this year. Here in Canada, I do the same thing, I am an administrative assistant - student assistant for international students at my college. I speak 4 languages fluently (well, almost ) including Turkish, English, Russian and Uzbek. Since I will be graduating, I want to have international opportunity to enhance my international background even more. I thought Turkey would be the best place to do that, since I know the language and familiar with the culture. I was researching online, and few ideas popped up Universities such as Bahcesehir and Fatih, that have a humongous International department could really use me I could be the best fit for international student assistant position over there. Well, I really do think so because of my language skills and job experience background. Even if not... There should be some firms I can work at with my business post secondary education and language skills. What do you guys suggest? All opinions are appreciated
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