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  1. Wbtcpip - I am wondering - does your friend have a property? If so you can still get 2 years. My experience of actual outcomes - is that contrary to the stated objectives when all this started - namely that you could get a 1 year (tourist) ikamet as a first time applicant and then only 5 months as a renewal and after 1 renewal nothing. In fact 1st time applicants are having the most difficulty with quite a few outright rejections - including ridiculous scenarios where a wife will be rejected but her husband accepted - I think this happens because every application is processed as an individual and they don't link individual family members together. Most renewals seem to be getting accepted but only 6 months is being given. I have only heard of one case of 1 year being given, none of 2 years and one couple was given 3 months. It is an absolute lottery being driven by some sort of quota I would guess. However, I am talking about people I know from Europe/US/Canada. People from nations immediately surrounding Turkey and Central Asia are nearly all being rejected. A friend had a renewal interview and in the time it took to complete he saw 4 other people receiving rejections on tables nearby.
  2. Just found this page on the İstanbul Göç İdaresi website It is dated 16th August and if it is followed consistently it would help people plan what they need but I am sure on the ground everything is very random.
  3. Kimac All these problems that this thread is dealing with are for Istanbul only. I have not heard of anywhere else being affected. If Criminal Record Checks are needed they are always from your home country (or Turkey) irrespective of where you have actually been living. Health Insurance once you are over 65 is not needed although the definition of "over 65" can be interpreted not as having reached your 65th birthday but as being 66 ! In any case the premiums for these private policies have more than halved in the last couple of years whereas SGK is 500+TL a month I think. In terms of funds, you need to demonstrate steady income going into an account (foreign or Turkish) over the last 6 months rather than an amount of money at one point in time.
  4. From what I've heard and seen of actual results is that the system is all over the place. Just heard of someone who managed to get a whole year extension but the day before someone was refused on a first time application (after they were given the impression at the interview that everything was fine) . This goes totally against the stated policy of - Yes you can have a 1 year Ikamet as a tourist but after that only a 5 month renewal may be possible. A lot of people are being rejected and others are nearly always being given only 6 months. Until you make your application and hit the button you can't assume anything. Everyone is being asked for different documents so it is sometimes not worth the time and expense of getting them in advance when they might not be needed.
  5. Can you tell us why you were refused?
  6. How did your 16 July appointment go ?
  7. GrahamN

    Nufus & Visa Extension Question.

    Hi. I don't why I assumed you were in the States. Anyway, in Istanbul at least, they don't normally ask for a Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi. A few years ago you could use one of these OR a copy of the rental contract but now they just ask for the rental contract notarised and copied. Again, at least for Istanbul this document is not on the list of required documents at the end of the application form you print off. With the extra stuff needed these days they may choose to ask you for it after posting in your forms. Either of the two options should work for you. BTW I didn't realize 90 day in 180 Visas were $100 for you guys. They are only $20 for UK citizens. One thing I forgot to mention with the Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi is that it only valid for a month I think - in Istanbul anyway - there's a small printed line at the top saying "valid until this date". So there is no point in getting one when you first register at the property if you won't need say for another 6 months, it'll be out of date.
  8. GrahamN

    Nufus & Visa Extension Question.

    Yes I was the same. It must have been 2 years before somebody told me to go the Nufus Mudurlugu to register my address. It seems crazy now but at the time I just hadn't come across this requirement. I was expecting a big fuss and a fine but actually nothing happened. Second time they said I must bring a utility contract as well, so I took that, then they said I had to bring a bill. On our 3rd place I thought I'd better wait for the 1st utility bill (which can mean you reach the 20 business days because the bills only come once a month and it was the summer so all the gas connectors were on holiday so we had to wait a week to get connected). The mudur didn't even ask me for it this time. It wouldn't take a lot for the authorities to put in a slip of paper with your new ikamet saying "if this your first property in Turkey please take your ikamet and rental contract to the Nufus Mudurlugu". I am sure there will be nothing wrong with your Ikamet. If you are out of country when your ikamet expires you will be applying as a 1st timer when you come back. So I would just get a new rental contract. As a 1st timer they won't ask for Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi. When you get your Ikamet just go to the Nufus Mudurlugu then. I guess they won't know you were living there before if you have a recent contract. Officially it's 4 photos but I have been to interviews where they have handed 2 back to me so who knows. Regarding the notarising of the passport - if I remember rightly the printed application form says one thing in English and another in Turkish. One says it must be translated and notarised and the other just says a copy is needed. I've done it both ways and never had a problem.
  9. It is hard to say if it is official - something is definitely happening in Istanbul. There has not been any new law enacted as far as we know but in Istanbul they have decided there are too many people working illegally with touristic RPs and possibly just too many people with touristic RPs who really should have seen enough of Istanbul by now and the authorities just fancy trying to thin out a few of these. Istanbul is full of people from Central Asia working illegally - a stone's through from our flat we've got people from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan working in Lokantas and Firincis - they may not even have an RP at all. If they have then trying to renew with these sorts of extra requirements will be almost impossible. Take a look at this account of getting the new sağlık raporu - and then the cost - 600TL if you don't have a TC Kimlik No - these guys from Central Asia can't afford to do this every 5 months. I think the implementation will be very patchy, some people may just submit their normal documents and not have to do anything else and get their 1 or 2 year extensions. Others will be given a long list of extra documents and may only be given 5 months or be rejected if the extra documents are deemed not acceptable. One thing in common with these changes is that the Bakirkoy office as opposed to the main Fatih office seems to be the place where renewals are processed and the extra document requests are coming from (even if you post to Fatih it would seem)
  10. This looks like an attempt to scare people out of Istanbul. Rather than say "No Tourist RPs anymore" - instead - basically you can stay if can jump over 10 hurdles (for a renewal) or 15 (for a 1st time application). Knock one of them over and you'll have to leave. The authorties' hope is that people will give up before they try. Again this is for Istanbul - I wonder if they are just picking on a few people to make life difficult. I've heard of random people being asked for police records a few years ago.
  11. Here is another link about this subject Again this is from a company providing Ikamet and work permit services - some of what it says is slightly different. Again it talks about Istanbul only having changes.
  12. So in fact if that is what they have been told, then that ties in with what is being reported - you either buy a house, marry a Turk or get a job with a work permit if you want a renewal
  13. Also from the initial post on this subject TURKIYE'DE KALIS AMACINI ACIKLAYAN BILGI VE BELGEYI - if you've been a "tourist" here for 5 years what sort of document are they expecting to explain you stay in Turkey?
  14. The link I pasted has moved to here now Another site that monitors worldwide change in immigration procedures has something similar It doesn't look like it is just a cut and paste one from the other. It talks though about residence permit renewals only being allowed for an extra 5 months after the initial period. The rest of it seems to be to with getting a police record from your home country and proving from past bank statements that you have been receiving a regular income and don't just have a $6000 lump sum at one point in time
  15. This site is a from a company that helps with Ikamet Applications - I have not been able to verify anything about the restrictions for Istanbul from anywhere else yet so maybe it's not true.