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  1. As I understand it, since some time in October nobody from any country can buy an e-Visa when entering by an Airport. You must have bought one before boarding. Not sure what happens if you arrive without one - normally it is the responsibility of the airline to make sure you have one. In other countries they would just hand you back to the airline and put you on the plane back to where you came from. As you say -if you are an unusual case - i.e.only having a copy of the RP card I am not sure how the airline check-in staff will handle it. But I don't know if they are checking visas anyway. Soun
  2. Yes my wife lost her card in the UK in August last year. We bought a Tourist Visa for her to come back in on. But at passport control at Ataturk they told us it wasn't necessary as she was "in the system". So we both came through ok - reported loss to the police and went through the process of getting a replacement card.
  3. Hi Just to fill you in on our recent Istanbul Ikamet Renewal experience which was mostly positive. We applied by post on 31st Oct and got the cards back on 24th Nov - so three and half weeks. We applied for 1 year and got 1 year. Standard documents only sent in. It seems the Website now works in English at last. The only real complaint I have is that each time I got to the end of the application it would sometimes offer me "Print Application" and sometimes "Apply for Randezvous and Print". I really didn't want the bother of an unnecessary interview but whatever I selected the page ju
  4. Jeanina We had assumed it was necessary to come back with a standard 90-day tourist visa. We got one but it wasn't necessary. As soon as she showed it at passport control she was sent to the booth at the very far end (Ataturk airport Istanbul). They said you don't need a visa because you're "in the system as having an Ikamet". So they let her through telling her to start the lost Ikamet process. So, as long as your mum's Ikamet has not expired she should be fine. If she's got a copy of it as well I am sure that should help.
  5. Hi Redders Yes I am aware of that. In fact for those who weren't rejected six months was the norm. Since April until this week I had only heard of one person getting a year. But I've heard of 3 people this week. I was hoping the Goc Idaresi in Istanbul, as well as speeding everything up and not asking for loads of extra documents might actually give people 2 years now when they apply and pay for it but that didn't happen to my friend. People whose applications started more than 2 weeks ago may still be being dealt with in the old way. I've heard of one guy who has been waiting since early
  6. My friend who got who got his postal application done in double quick time got his PTT message on Monday and his card on Tuesday. So from posting off his application to receiving the card 12 days in total. This is what it can and should be like. Long may it last. Only downside was that he got 1 year having applied for 2. So I still don't think it is worth bothering to apply for 2 years at the moment.
  7. Yes. Spoke to two other people tonight. One had to take extra stuff to Bakirkoy and another had an interview. They were asked for extra stuff a few weeks ago. However as soon as it was handed in they got texts the same day saying they were accepted.
  8. Well that's interesting because a friend of mine posted his application off on Thursday presumably to be processed at Bakirkoy. He sent none of the extra documents just standard stuff and he got a text back this afternoon saying his "request has been evaluated positively" - nothing extra needed. They would only have received on Monday - so all done in 2 days. He applied for 2 years so we'll see how long he gets when the card comes.
  9. Wbtcpip - I am wondering - does your friend have a property? If so you can still get 2 years. My experience of actual outcomes - is that contrary to the stated objectives when all this started - namely that you could get a 1 year (tourist) ikamet as a first time applicant and then only 5 months as a renewal and after 1 renewal nothing. In fact 1st time applicants are having the most difficulty with quite a few outright rejections - including ridiculous scenarios where a wife will be rejected but her husband accepted - I think this happens because every application is processed as an indiv
  10. Just found this page on the İstanbul Göç İdaresi website http://istanbul.goc.gov.tr/tr/news/turizm-amacli-ikamet-izni-basvurularinda-istenilecek-evraklar It is dated 16th August and if it is followed consistently it would help people plan what they need but I am sure on the ground everything is very random.
  11. Kimac All these problems that this thread is dealing with are for Istanbul only. I have not heard of anywhere else being affected. If Criminal Record Checks are needed they are always from your home country (or Turkey) irrespective of where you have actually been living. Health Insurance once you are over 65 is not needed although the definition of "over 65" can be interpreted not as having reached your 65th birthday but as being 66 ! In any case the premiums for these private policies have more than halved in the last couple of years whereas SGK is 500+TL a month I think.
  12. From what I've heard and seen of actual results is that the system is all over the place. Just heard of someone who managed to get a whole year extension but the day before someone was refused on a first time application (after they were given the impression at the interview that everything was fine) . This goes totally against the stated policy of - Yes you can have a 1 year Ikamet as a tourist but after that only a 5 month renewal may be possible. A lot of people are being rejected and others are nearly always being given only 6 months. Until you make your application and hit the button
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